[Con] [A7] No events triggering (caravans, new villagers, etc.)

16th day into the game not a single event happenedd, no caravan, not trader, no new villagers.

I have a bunch of housing with plenty of spare beds. Not sure if its related but I’m basically boxed in by high mountain ranges small enough that no gobs can spawn in the fog.

Also noticed my shelter score remains the same no matter how many house I build. (5.1)

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Events could be just (very) bad luck, but shelter… hmm. May be due to other things, like beds etc too.

hi there @Houten… any chance you can toss up a screenshot of the map?

Game is running very smooth, no error/crash atm. Just nothing is happening lol

Net Worth: 29878
Happiness: 7.4
Food: 9.6
Shelter: 5.1

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hmm… well, enemies spawning at map edges shouldnt be a problem… and many events dont actually involve new units… this is an odd one… :confused:

Boundary +/- 80. It’s exactly the problem! (slaps @SteveAdamo) If you build yourself in to a corner like this, and on a level up you are almost guaranteed to have a quiet game. If you want an eventful game ensure that there is plenty of open ground on the same level as you.


Hahah I assume that was the issue, guess its time to start fresh.

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well, if you’re going to start throwing facts around, all willynilly, I may as well bow out from this conversation… :smile:

but thanks for the technical reference, I had no idea! :+1:

edit: and I suppose that means we can mark this NaB…

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I commented in my latest video that I wasn’t getting scenarios either (again disclaimer I am on a save from 134 loaded into 144)

hmmm… and are you in a similar geographic location?

Similar landscape; however I"m in the middle of the map. Here is a screenshot:

However, you continued from an previous non r144 save and had at least 2 red walls of death in the first few minutes of your video. Your error could be entirely unrelated.

In fact, the very nature of your error would indicate that it was caused by the 134 save. It has pathfinder written all over it.

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How do you do that??

I have started many games on levels that were not the lowest level and it did not affect senario frequency. However I pretty much always start near the center.

For sure, that is why I put that disclaimer, but still want to post just in case it is related

Just load your game, it’ll either work or blow up on you and crash your game, plus can give you unexpected errors


The level at which he was built isn’t the issue here.

I may be wrong, as I am by no means an expert - but enemies are spawned at the edge of your visibility +/- 80 as long as there is an AI path to your settlement.

Take this as an example, I BELIEVE that only the yellowy-green areas are available as spawn locations.

Hence the potentially very quiet game.
Original for comparison

Ladders would open up the other areas as potential spawn locations. @sdee could say for sure though.


Very likely. Try building some ladders into the mountains and see if that helps.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I havent been seeing many caravans/traders/travelers lately. Sometimes, on some of my saves, they never come (played for five hours straight, except got kicked out of game a couple of times too ;/)

hmm… I haven’t experienced this, but would like to see if there are any confirmations from other folks…

Yep, the only thing I have seen in alpha 6 is the traveler, and that is only twice in the ~10hrs game play I have done with it