Companion Cube?

So I was playing around in the stonehearth.smod and what do I find? Companion Cube. I was wondering if someone else had found it too :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll put up some pictures soon but they’re on my other computer

If you watch some of the older videos, you can spot the Companion cube as placeholders icons for other things. :smile:

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proceeds to look at old videos But really? I totally missed that :frowning: But it is a smart (and funny) way to make placeholders :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m sure of it… but i’m having trouble finding the video. Maybe it was in Alpha 3 and i’m just transferring that over to the videos. But anyhoo, placeholder icons, yay!

the companion cube is just the placeholder/easter egg RadEnt uses to test how entity A interacts with objects like wood/stone/etc


yeah, it’s been around for ages… I’ve even grown fond enough of it that I would hate to see it phase out… :wink:


Geoffers is probably GlaDos, just sayin’.


I don’t know if Radiant would have to talk to Valve about that (hope not!) but it’d be great to maybe find it as an Easter egg in a dungeon or from killing Cthulhu or similar.

Also, this game really needs a Portal mod :smiley: . Aerial Faith Plates + invading goblins…