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You see crab cakes, if you have a golden opportunity to get internet points, you don’t pass that opportunity…


you also shouldn’t insult moderators, it can result in… bad… stuff happening to you… :unamused:


I remember when you were a little crab cake… What happened to those days?


[quote=“Zilla, post:165, topic:106”]
I remember when you were a little crab cake…
[/quote]man you sure do love insulting me don’t you. you know i’m super tempted to do bad stuff to you, bu thats not exactly what i’m supposed to use my moderator powers for…

i was smart and didn’t insult the moderators… and rather i helped them as much as i could :wink:


For your info, I’m the Official Unofficial Ginger Moderator :unamused:


Your a Dinosaur with red hair with a fair complexion O.o (joking tone)


pulls the train back onto the rails

welcome aboard to all our new members! hope you enjoy your stay! :smile: :+1:


Hello! My name is ‘Hitmontipx’, and I recently bought this game about a month ago after having it on my steam wishlist, and it’s safe to say it’s probably the best £20 I’ve spent.

I’ve been reading the Discourse as a visitor for quite a while now, and I’ve finally decided to make an account, and hopefully I’ll be contributing quite soon!

Also, I’m terribly sorry if this is a Necropost, but I don’t know the timings here. Sorry.


welcome to the discourse @Hitmontipx :smile:

bah, never worry, necro posting is completely fine, it saves us moderators from having to merge a new threads with old ones


Hey everyone, Acrylic here. I’ve been following Stonehearth for a few months now, so why not join the community forum? Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this game! Anyways, I’m sure you’ll see me around, I plan on actively participating on the forums.


Welcome aboard @Acrylic!


Hi everyone. I saw a video of this come across my Youtube suggestions yesterday and gave it a watch. It took less than 10 minutes to hook me in. Picked up the alpha almost immediately. I’ve had quite a lot of fun so far in game, it has such a great look and feel for retro graphics. Its one thing to stylize but its another entirely to that much personality into your pixels. Great job so far, and i can’t wait to see the new updates as the release. :smile:


hey there @keeperoflenneth, welcome to the forums :smile:

i’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the game, and hope to see you around the discourse!


Greetings, Children of the Hearth. Thought I might as well stick my misshapen Goblin Cultist head in here.

Have to give you both thanks and congratulations, Team Radiant - despite having a Steam account since ValVe first launched it, StoneHearth is the first game I’ve ever brought [not the first one I’ve had, but the first one I’ve actually forked over cash for].

You’ve impressed me with every major update [and pretty much all of the minor ones], your community is open, honest and positive, and your game is ridiculously addictive, to the point of potentially breaking laws :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Can only hope that this continues well into the future [especially once you announce your next game in August 2018]


Hello my Name is Ranox411 well my gaming name XD i created a discord Stonehearth hangout for the community if anyone wanna join the link is on my post you should be able to search it up when you type in “discord” so yeah everyone is welcome to join i am happy to be in this great community hope you guys have funn and have a great day


Do you know something I don’t?





I suppose late is better than never!

Been on the stonehearth ship since kickstarter, long time fan of dwarf fortress and management games, though I always tend to end up more tweaking than paying these things. Hehe

I’m a brazilian computer engineer, and have been a bit active in the community since alpha 13. I wish I had more time to participate on the modding front, but last year was a very good year and I’ve gained a wife, a dog and have a baby on the way, so I’m still adapting hehe still I’m hoping to be able to contribute in any way possible with mods, and see if I manage to help out anyone in need.

I’ve a passing knowledge of lua, but am a seasoned (mostly with nutmeg) coder in C, C++, assembly and Linux programming in general. I’ve worked in telecom firmware development, as a Linux driver maintainer, in distributed storage systems development and am taking my master’s on dynamic binary translation, while playing around with SDN :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’ve always held a special place in my heart for performance optimization throughout all of these.

Hope I can help the community grow and thrive with mods! And I hope more people come up with fanfic! (I’m looking at you @AcheronTyrannus :slightly_smiling: )

Great game, TR! And great community everyone!


Thanks for the support, but don’t just look at me!!! There ARE others that have made FF’s :slightly_smiling:. I just happen to be the most recent!


Edit: Literally after I glanced at the index and did a search, I posted this and then I saw the stickied intro post. Woops, sorry for the clutter. s:

I just wanted to say hello to everyone, introduce myself a little bit. I would like to get more involved in the community but I am not fully sure at the moment on where I would fit best, though I’m sure I’ll find a home somewhere.

I am a developer and a streamer. I mostly develop on web applications but would like to give a go at making a mod for Stonehearth someday, not sure what on but just for an experiment. I like to stream every few days and lately is has been straight Stonehearth - The people who have came in and said hello have all been lovely, so thanks for being so kind! ^-^
Whilst on the mod topic I will be looking for some streams and tutorials on the forums for the language and how to do the things, if you have any suggestions above others then let me know, and I will take a look. :smiley:

Hopefully after it has been years since I was last on a forum, that I can manage keeping up with the topics I watch a little better.
Anyway thanks for reading, have a nice day everyone.