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Have used the name Unata for years and years until someone else used it :confused: , then morphed to Unatan and now Unatan2, I’m a gimpy Old lady gamer, old enough to be most of the people here’s Grandma :smile:

Been playing video games (pc) since text based online games, British Legends being the first, then first graphic mmo was Merdian 59, ah the memories, still have active players in EQ1, EQ2, and Warcraft although only pop in now and then but still have them.


The name’s Astrix, but I go by any combination you can make out of Sir Alfa Astrix. A writer (Javascript) came up with that nickname for me when I was in middle school, as I was all over the place, so he refered to me as Asterix (wildcard). The name then morphed over the years.

Ive been a gamer since SimCity 2000 was brand new, and have loved RTS, citybuilder, or any other management games that require strategy. Chalenges of any kind, I enjoy.

I’ve attempted to make my own game, but sadly it hasn’t gone anywhere more than story writing.


my name is Sean and I’m A Fish… (even if my gamer tag states im an 8BitCrab…)

im not much of a gamer but i do like to play certain video games (mainly stonehearth and skyrim…)

this is my pathetic intro to the community (even though i joined 4 months ago…)


Hi im Graham, mates call me barney (hate my name)

when im not stonehearthing i am on gnomoria/WoW/ anyother game you like

live in the UK


@Barney324 Welcome, Graham is an awesome name btw, it’s unique.


Having just found this thread, I thought I would introduce myself. So… Hi. I’m Zachary, AKA Dwalus. I’ve been a member for well over a year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t introduce myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m usually not much of a gamer, but every once in a while I get extremely hooked on a single game. I was once the leader of the Adventurer’s guild in Cube World, in fact the largest on the forums. But alas, those days are over and I have moved on to an even greater game, Stonehearth! It must be said I haven’t actually played the game in spite of following it since the Kickstarter, but when I finish building a new computer buying this game will be the first thing I do. I also have an unhealthy obsession with the forum’s map games.

My primary talents involve web design (freelance) and many technical skills. I enjoy doing lots of other stuff but I’m not exactly very good at it.

Anyway, see you around the Discourse!


Hello everyone. I’m MrTroy but sometimes I go by Kizler(Like here and on Reddit). I’m really interested in not only playing this game, but modifying it as well. I’ve managed to get StoneHearth up and running on my MacBook but I only use that for testing modifications. I typically play it on my desktop pc (I can run it full screen on my HD TV). Just wanted to avoid further lurking and introduce myself formally.

Thanks all. :smile:


Welcome! Glad to see you’ve stepped out of the shadows :smiley:


well then… welcome aboard! :smile: :+1:


Welcome to the light Kizler. :smile:

steps back into shadows


Hey, i’m zigworf…
I recently bought the game and am so hyped about helping find bugs and playing it!

I’ve played a few hours already… Really love it! :smiley:


welcome to the discourse, @zigworf :smile:

im glad to hear your loving the game so far, hope it stays that way :wink:


I’m sure it will stay that way! :smiley:


Welcome to the community. :smile:

(It seems my response time has gone up by an hour…)


So many users… :smile:

The discourse is much more full since the Steam Release.


sadly that also means many more bug reports to sort through:sob::wink:


Hey there,

my Name is Martin (or maDDin). Just found Stonehearth a few weeks ago on the Internet and thought it seems to be a very nice game. so it is. I spent a very Long time since now playing this game. Got a growing City :slight_smile: a few bugs and a cool time with my hearthlings. Also i don´t know why my damn Keyboard just wanna write some words in big letters and some others not. :smiley:

More or less i wanna say “Hello” to all of u ^^ nice to meet ya all

You can pm me everytime u want for more informations, questions and so on ^^ just wanna help and yeah have a nice day ;o

greatings from Germany

Martin ~ maDDin (maDDin546)


Hey there, Argentina here.


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done. hope you dont mind me doing it for you :stuck_out_tongue: