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Welcome @mikej3 great choice to buy the game. Any tips or suggestions…hmm…save often, post often, give support, make awesome structures :slight_smile:
Your welcome!


My name is mike as well. Good day. Hi. Welcome to the discourse…whatup.

My tip, you ask, build farms in 10x10 patches. Yes. And… only have one footman… and… and… build with cool things…and…and… challenge yourself by embarking on a mountain sometime.


Haha Thanks for the tips! @TurtleSquish @untrustedlife


One more suggestion, instead of making two posts

edit your first one and put “@Turtlesquish” by what you want to say to me, and “@untrustedlife” by what you want to say to him. I’m sure our discourse admins will appreciate it.


1st I recommend making a shortcut to the stonehearth file folder.

That way when things go absolutely wacko. And they will at some point. This is an Alpha. You can delete your saved games or if necessary clear out everything.


hey there @mikej3 … welcome aboard! :smile:

seems like as good a reason as any to revive the “intro” thread… :+1:


Long live the introduction thread!

I’m jimbob, Jamalam, Jimalam or JG… whatever floats your boat. (Jimalam in streams). I’m a film university student who enjoys gaming, reading, filming and programming even though I suck at it. I love co-op games, can abrely play single player games anymore :frowning: and I also love survival, crafting, building and managment orientated mechanics… YAY STONEHEARTH! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey all!
Just now saw this thread and thought I would add myself in here too. I’ve been into Stonehearth ever since Kickstarter but didn’t have enough money to support it then, but later got it through Humble Bundle. I’ve been following the progress from their blog during this time, but only recently (maybe some weeks ago) began to peek through Discourse as well.

I’m currently studying for computer science but hoping to achieve the Bachelor’s degree early next year. After that I’m planning on take a serious look into modding for Stonehearth! (although I started doing some of that already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Can’t wait to see “Drottens Mod pack” thread :wink:


Hi. I don’t know what else to say.


In the words of @SteveAdamo “Welcome aboard”!


Hi there!

I’m ‘Hyrule Symbol’! (i not gonna tell you guys my real name :D)

you could just call me ‘Symbol’

I’m a student Artist in training(i’d call it practice)

i guess i have a weird connection with cube games
Cube World, RoboCraft, Stonehearth, Minecraft…
(come back wal-lay of cubeworld…)

Anyways, you could expect some drawings of mine in the future
Any drawings that are related to StoneHearth (and i think is worth it) Will be uploaded here in the community
but if you want to see my other works, you could visit my Twitter Here

but i don’t consider myself a professional Artist
so don’t look forward to any ‘Super Quality Art’

Thats all i have to say!

i’ll see you in my next post!


Hello im Stef.

I want to say hello to this beautiful community :wave:

I’m a cube game enthousiast. And i want to say that this game and Radiant are one of the best community based (earlyaccess) game and maker i have ever seen!

I’m looking forward to all what is coming in the game!


Wow, the Thread is nearly dead.

Well whatever :smiley: Revives “Community Intro”

Hey there!
I’am Bac, nice to meet you guys.
I’m an Strategy Games Fanatic and love Buildup-Games like this, btw this Game looks Awesome even in Alpha!
I’m 19Y old and come from Germany and also like History quite a bit much. (I don’t defend Mr Adolf H., but even dont say he was very dumb, i stand in the middle with this question :D)

Well i look forward with very impressed thoughts about the near to the Community from the Devs!
I hope i can also help to make this a better game! My Idea’s at your Service!




The thread is never dead :slight_smile:
It just stays dormant until someone finds it and awakens it.

Also welcome @BacNang


Glad to see you found your way to our little corner of the Internet!

And may I say I hope you enjoy your time here! :slight_smile: Welcome Bac.


Kind of wondering how wide spread this game is, well the Discussion rooms at the least.

I will go first USA, Iowa, in the boonies corn fields as far as i can see.


Hi @GreenDragon i think most of the people who are interested in sharing their location has presented themselves here:

But this brings out an interesting idea out.

@SteveAdamo with all the awesome tools of power you have access to can you make a location statistic?


while it’s true I’m awesome, I’m not entirely sure we have the discourse tools to tackle that request… but I’ll take another look when I get to the office this morning… :wink:


NonBritGit here. Devs and moderators all give a deep sigh when they see me show up on their forums! (“oh, no, not him!” I give no quarter and call it like I see it, but always try to be helpful (and am not a stranger to the occasional ban it seems)

StoneHearth is one of the best games and has the best devs I’ve seen yet. Glad to support them on this long bumpy road to release.

I’ve been playing console and then computer games since before dinosaurs ruled the earth (or at least coleco pong). I’ve played all genres on most all platforms. TurboGrafx-16 was my all time favorite experience.