ClockWork Realm

Well for starters…

The clockwork realm could be a final boss,trading realm or even a place to see how you have evolved…

Today i want to talk about evolution

#(Part 1)
To get to it you much have a minimum of 300 days survived
You must have 20 gold, 60 iron and 600 stone, with a level 6 mason

The mason will have a recipe that is gained when you reach 300 days called
"Aged stone"
with a kind of chizeled design

A TopCenter piece called
"ClockWork Core"
With a compressed iron clock

And 4 corners called
"Golden Rims"

It will take a total of 10 days to make it all

#(part 2)

once you get there you will need to give a GateKeeper 4 Ancient Keys, witch can be found when you fully cut down a mountian, it will be at the bottom

then from there you can go back AND if you have a TimeTravelers Soul
(witch can be obtained by killing one, he is a boss though cuz he can go back to when he was full HP)
You can bring something back to life, hearthling and pet (anything)