Click and Drag System?

Is there going to be a Click and Drag System in the game? Clicking on each tree to cut them down takes too long…

Are there plans for implementing this eventually?

Off the top of my head I can’t recall any official word on this, but it’s a gameplay feature that makes sense and is used in other games (Gnomoria, Dwarf Fortress, etc.) and so I imagine we will see some sort of function to further automate the collection of materials!

I’ll try and find where we had the discussion, though I’m sure someone will have found it first :slight_smile:

This will definitely be in the game, its a standard part of every game where you collect resources!

It’s #4 on my list.

(I don’t have a list yet, but it seems about right)

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Yup, every game has it. But, hey asking won’t harm someone. :smiley:

And a confirmation is always good!

No official statement as far as I remember but we’ve had a good discussion about some kind of a priority list in the following thread (which touches the outlined idea a bit)…

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agreed! but im calling this one… there will be click-drag selection options to collect resources… :wink:

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You can close this thread then as my question is pretty much answered!

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