Cleric AOE Assertion Failure Causes Fun Errors

Have a cleric that, after a fresh load, will throw an assertion failed as soon as he begins combat. But this breaks other things as well.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get Cleric
  2. Send into combat.
  3. Watch as universe implodes.

Expected Results:
Healer FTW!1!

Actual Results:

Now here are the fun side effects that go with it.

Being frozen in place while being healed, starving yourself to death.

Upon reload, that hearthling then began to eat…and eat…and eat…literally didn’t stop till I reloaded it again.

How about the archer running into things and not knowing what to do?

Version Number and Mods in use:
Develop 2924 (x64)


Came along with same problem with the archer.

It says he is attacking a pillar but I don’t think that is the most effective way to attack a pillar


This error is actually an aoe error, likely with the footman. Will fix for next unstable build.
Thanks for reporting!


Archers being confused about how to destroy inanimate objects seems to be a recurring problem. I would imagine they’d get out their “combat knife” or dagger and melee walls/buildings/chests to death.