Clear up objects on buildings so they're not inaccessible

When a building is completed and the scaffold is taken down, the items that are left on the roof are then inaccessible. (And why would a bed be put on the roof???)

All that you need to do is set a storage area and set up ladders for going to the top of the roof and wait for them to transport it to the storage. (Hope this helps! :smile:)

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Because on of the workers had it in inventory and then got hungry and just dropped it, I guess

That’s all we’ll and good. But it seems very manual. Wouldn’t it be better if the workers took their shit with them…

As soon a s a building is done it - should-magically poof all items accidentally dropped on the roof off. But if this fails its the manual solution

My point being, if there are any developers of the game reading this. It would be very nice if we didn’t have to manually remove items from the roof.
Workers should have the ‘intelligence’ to tidy up after themselves.

Well they do… If they can reach it.
Problem with finished houses Is usually that the roof is inaccessible. I design my houses around this not being a problem so then it’s not a problem

You’re missing the point…

Nah man I get you, you wish they were smarter and didn’t dump stuff on the roof to start with.
Which I agree with, problem is there are no Dec’s working on SH anymore. Just modders.

If that is the case, that’s a shame given there are still a few bugs here and there.

Quiet annoying when they leave stuff everywhere and sometimes even in places they can’t reach. the way i “fix” it since the game has no real fix is that i add ladders and use console CTRL+C select the object then in console type teleport and click where you want to move it.

quiet annoying sometimes but is a work around atleast :slight_smile:

somebody in my village put a piece of wood in a conveniently built hole when he went to get breakfast, later he forgot about it and someone else put a window on it, and since windows are basically solid blocks to them they just kept it there no matter how many ladders and stockpiles i built