Cleaning a game save to improve performance?

So in games like Skyrim and Fallout, you can use tools to clean a save file in order to improve the game’s performance while playing that save file. it basically removes any unused unnecessary data pertaining to that save. You can also “clean” certain elements of the game while in the game with console commands. Is there ANY way to clean a save file to dump out old data that is irrelevant to the current state of the save file in order to improve performance? I can’t tell you just how badly the game is performing right now for me. I was playing for about an hour I just finished designing and started building a new part of my city walls, reorganized some storage, moved 30 beds out of the way, moved a couple dozen berry bushes to a place I thought it would look nice inside of the boundaries of the newly designed walls. Had just started the building process, and then suddenly the game crashes. Not crashed to desktop, but crashed in game. I can move the camera, I can select objects placed. However I can’t change the UI switching between different menus, I can’t see the object I have selected reflected in the UI at the bottom right, it’s extremely frustrating and I was getting ready to save my game at that point when it happened.

I have no clue about “cleaning” as you’re describing, but F5 resets the UI in game, so you could try that if it happens again.

I do not know of any way to automatically clean the save. You can “clean” it yourself by selling off items, and reducing distances needed to travel, but that’s it.

well almost all travel is exclusively on the island my hearthlings are on, they might go out a bit to destroy a graveyard but the bridge to the mainland is fairly short which means the distance to most destinations i could give my hearthlings is fairly close. and really? selling stuff would improve performance?

Because it reduces your inventory. I say that, because back when we did a multi-player save (swapped the file around), Bruno sold like a large amount of extra stuff and it gave him more frames.

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i’ll try it out and see what happens and then give you an update.

Every item needs to be remembered by the game, and all the ones on the ground (or probably just the ones on the screen) need to be drawn by the renderer, so it literally comes down to “less stuff = less work for the game to do in the background.”

Hearthlings use way more resources than items do, sometimes in those chain-games players actually had to get rid of some hearthlings if other players had gone above the standard cap (which can, of course, easily be changed from the options menu.) Having large numbers of trapped enemies is a similarly draining situation for the game’s memory.