Clay chair rotation issue in RC House for 2

I didn’t know were else to place this one but in RC the house for 2 the plans have the chairs on their side so they are not sitting facing the table

more for looks then anything. seems a bit silly to have a table and chairs when they don’t even face the table :smirk:

EDIT: thank you for the title change @jomaxro my brain seemed to have failed to on what to put :sob:


No worries, that’s what we’re here for!

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Hi there!
Thanks for reporting this. We know about this bug, but need to decide how to fix it. The easiest one would be to add a pattern to the chairs in RC so you can tell which way they face. But that might not be as fun as having a chair that can face all directions and having hearthlings prefer to face a table if the chair is next to a table.
Just thoughts …


I think the issue is more because its a prefab house pattern and the chairs are facing the door rather then the table.
but for placing it ,it would be nice to have an arrow or something showing what way your Hearthlings would face while sitting

the screan shot is showing the direction the chairs are placed in the pattern that comes with RC

or beds for laying down ( the clay beds can be a bit hard to tell were the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ is

Actually, I put the chairs in that rotation on purpose. :slight_smile: The chairs are inspired by nesting chinese tables and often, people sit across from each other and stare out towards a common view while drinking tea together. I figure it’s the old Chinese grandfather equivalent of being in a car together and having better conversations because eye contact is not required. Rayya’s Children have a silk-road influence, so that’s what’s going on here.

That said, we are investigating solutions to chairs without specific facing, and solutions that involve marking the fronts of the chairs visually in some way.


ah I didn’t realize there was a reason or history behind it. :grinning:
it dose make sense thought

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