Class System -> Skill System

I was wondering if anyone more familiar with the engine can say if the class system could be removed in favour of a system that just resembles arbitrary skills. I personally dislike the idea of classes as they’ve been described so far, it’s a linear progression in jobs where each is progressively better, which removes the possibility for having multi skilled villagers. A mod I’d think of doing would be one which switched this system for one where each individual villager had their own set of skills, and the various classes (which control what jobs they do) were all available (equipment being available of course), and would be performed to various qualities by depending on the individual’s skill.

This would allow for such thing as a hunter to be quickly drafted into the military and retain their skill with a bow.



This sound very Rimworld-like. (where ‘villagers’ can have various jobs)

But as a mod it would be awesome :smiley:

This also sounds close to Timber and Stone’s system. As a mod, I would totally try it out. It would give a twist on the strategy you would use.

I also like their system where personality has a direct effect on skills. Having skills be explicitly leveled in would let that shine through a lot more.

I like that idea, there is a minor drawback though.

Once I have created a workbench (say a carpenter’s workbench) any worker could attempt to complete the tasks assigned to that bench. You see the problem? How does a worker know that task is assigned to him (and perhaps, him alone). With anyone able to work on all tasks you’d have low level people trying every job, thus gaining experience in every tech tree, no specialization at all.

Hmmm… ‘Priority system’?
Just look for example at that Rimworld. You may specify, which ‘worker’ may do which things, even with which order.

Priority system could work. It could also be used in conjunction with a system where certain work benches are restricted to certain workers. This would also bring a nice element of role playing if you so wanted, as in a forge in someone’s house will only ever be used by that person. It’d be a bit weird with a class based system where people just kept running into someone’s living space to use their equipment.

This sounds dangerously close to micromanagement :fearful:

I was going to post that, but then I saw you posted that. But it would be a mod, so if you didn’t want it, you wouldn’t use it.

it could be considered as it if you want to specify directly what each ‘worker’ can/can’t do. But propably leaving themtheir actual ‘priorities’ (we could have them in eventual mod: specified by class, personality and stats) or giving only minor changes… :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way guys, if you look at the first post, it was a question.

I like a bit of micro management. I treat games like this as role playing in a sense. Being able to define characters tasks and skills in a more in depth manner would bring a lot to the game for me at least, it makes it feel more like a village of people as opposed to automatons.
Dwarf Fortress uses a similar model (though very clunky imo) and it’s immensely popular so I assume there’s a niche wanting this kind of detail.
Plus it’s a mod, as DinoD123 said, so to each their own.

I’d love to see discussion on what would be the best way to implement it. But I’m also wondering if it will be doable at all in the final version (if someone more familiar with the end goals of the class system could chime in)

From what I can see in the system so far, it could likely be made, but there would need to be a way to abstract labours away from classes, so that classes could be basically re-made into skills. Adding a layer on top of this seems easy in the current modding system, changing that base implementation seems much harder. Hopefully someone can chime in.