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well… technically those are already a component of the engineer class… :smiley:

New Class - Engineer: Fiendishly complex traps. Steam pumps. Black powder. In his moments of genius, this Master Craftsman boosts your town’s productivity with miraculously advanced tools and weaponry. In his other moments…

thanks! [merged]

Had a thought about the town flag and the merchants. Instead of all the traded products appearing at the flag, what if there were a new class, a Guild Master (Trader’s Guild) that had to be achieved first, as well as a trader’s desk, in order for “business” to be conducted with passing traders, and the bought items appeared in a new stockpile type. As the Guild Master leveled up, they could decrease the cost to buy new items, increase the gold achieved from selling, unlock “fine” items, and even be able to call traders on demand. The catch to all this is that traders wouldn’t come unless they’re dropping items off until the master was made.

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Oops sorry about that, being tired while replying on two different forums can be confusing O_o

I love the idea :slight_smile:

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In a recent post I already mentioned the idea of a physical merchant class, but you probably didn’t read that so I won’t get angry

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Hmm i have a hard time finding the exact part where you go into details on a merchant class?

Also as this is clearly a suggestion for a class it fits under this thread: @SteveAdamo, @Geoffers747

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My apologies as I didn’t realize we were grouping them all under one thread. As well as I haven’t seen a detailed post on a merchant class either.

That being said, I think I came up with a plan for the levels of my guild master, and wanted feedback;

  • Apprentice: Caravans asking for trade stop by only.
  • Level 1: Merchants begin appearing, whether it be simple or skillsman.
  • Level 2: Player pays 15% less when buying things.
  • Level 3: Merchant pays 15% more when buying things.
  • Level 4: Items marked “Fine” are able to be purchased (fine bed, fine table, ect.)
  • Level 5: Guild Master can trigger random merchant to appear.

As for how experience would work, I was thinking it should be based on how many items you buy and sell, rather then how many merchants come and go.


The class and leveling system works well for this game, but something more should be added. I find that when one of my hearthlings levels up i don’t see it as a big deal. Yes, abilities will be implamented later, but there still is tons you can do. This idea sort of builds off the apprenticing workers topic. So, how it works is each unit/class has its own skill tree. In the tree you would see all the possible abilities and different variations or upgrades. For example, the footman, in his tech tree at level one he’d get a new ability, at level two he would get two. Then you would choose one of the two allowing you only to access abilities following the one you chose. This would repeat until perhaps level five where you could upgrade into a soldier or gaurd for instance. The gaurd would give more defensive bonuses and the soldier more offensive. These upgrade could not only give buffs but also unlock items. For example you could limit the type of weapon a simple footman could have but then if he gets a certain upgrade he unlocks a previously locked weapon and can use it.


Great idea I had the idea of a merchant as well but it sounds like you have yours already figured out.

The only thing I haven’t figured out is what Level 6 would do. By level 5, you’re already gaining 30% more gold, able to buy fine items, and can call a merchant rather than waiting. So what else could their be? Or should Level 4 & 5 be bumped up a level and just give level 4 that generic +10HP?

Also, your soldier idea, all my yes!

@SirAstrix what about a mystic merchant

You have my attention, do go on.

Well a merchant that has his shop full of wares so like The Sword of Mount Juli or The Great Axe of Grut but these times will be shadowed in the inventory but The sword of mount Juli is actually a broken long knife while the great axe of Grut is a massive axe with enchantments. So a merchant who sells you wares that have really impressive names but could be really terrible or the best weapon in the game

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I think you are going to need an Arborist class. To grow trees :smile:
Maybe a higher level version that uses magic and or harnesses magic from trees?


Could be something with that aura that ancient trees give off?

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We need a potter class. they would use clay (probably found only when mining dirt) to make plates, flower pots, bricks, etc. the talisman would be the potters’ wire, crafted by the blacksmith. he would have two workshops: the wheel, where he makes the items, and the kiln, where he cooks them to harden.


As others have mentioned getting the right ores/resources from mining seems quite challenging at the moment.

A possible solution to this is a Prospector profession who will go out and locate ore veins for you. As the profession levels you could perhaps instruct them about what type of ore you’re looking for and they could check deeper in to the rock without mining as they level. Prospectors could claim/mark veins of ore on the Map.

An advancement on this profession could be Miner. A miner could be instructed to Mine a particular vein of ore. Once they get more advanced they could be asked to mine a particular ore type and then just go to the right vein to get it (a nice way to order your ore requirements). Perhaps a climbing ability would be good on miners too.

Both professions would need a speed boost as they’re likely to go to more remote locations and some sort of survivability boost as they could encounter hostile creatures when they are far away from the base.

If it’s all too hard then never mind, but to me on the surface these seem like good ideas. :smile:

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After i have heard @Tom talking about the cook class on stream, he said it’s for fighting rot. I got a bit dissapointed, i want a bit more from the class.

The cook should be able to make both big meal and small meals. The big meals takes longer to make, feeds more and last longer. The small meals are faster to make but feeds less and last for a short while, but the workers can get back to work quicker.

And there should be some special meals with buffs like faster movment, more health or stay awake for longer (coffee) for a limited time (like 5 minutes)


So, I’m one of those guys who likes to deforest an entire map then start over sometimes.

With the forester you can set upto a 49x49 area that a hearthling can plant saplings into. Said saplings would be specified similarly to the Farmers, eg. a drop down window with Oak or Juniper.

The Forester-axe would be made with a blacksmith consisting of: 2 Steel ingot, 1 Silver Ingot, 2 Wood, and a Farmer’s Hoe (being the most complex item to make in the game :p)

Planting Mechanics:
A forest needs at least a 7x7 are to plant a sapling, because of the chance of becoming an ancient tree. So, having a 49x49 area would allow for 49 saplings to be place in the area.

How it would level up:
Every sapling planted would get 4xp. Each tree chopped would give xp based on the type.
Small: 10xp, Medium: 15xp, Large: 20xp, Ancient: 30xp.

Forester Skills:
Level 1: Move 10% faster, and plant both Juniper and Oak trees.
Level 2: Chop 25% faster.
Level 3: Hold up to 12 logs at a time
Level 4: Trees grow 10% faster
Level 5: 1% chance for a tree that is planted to instantly grow and become an Ancient Tree of their respective type.
Level 6: When chopping an ancient tree; there is a 10% chance of harvest a magic log.

Magic logs would be required to make magic weapon later down the road.

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We’ve actually had a few people already suggest a Forester class. Check out this thread:
Class Suggestions

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