Citizens idle when they shouldn't

It might just be the same problem; the UI might not track the usage immediately.

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I have not noticed this bug again since the new release came out. I think it was probably resolved, although confirmation of this would be welcome. I’m very happy about this, as it was the one that annoyed me/kept me from playing the most!

Hmm… well, not sure if it’s this again, but I have seen another instance of idling with a building to be built and wood available in the stockpiles during my first play of release 114. I point out the unfinished house, the idling workers, and the wood in the stockpiles, at 25:24 in the below video. I got an error message shortly beforehand, which may or may not be related (25:00).

Mind you, it’s not only the house that’s not being built. There’s some items lying around that have yet to be brought back to the stockpile (e.g., baskets of berries atop the ladder, 25:51). Pathing again an option, I suppose.

Pathing should, for the most part, be fixed; the bug you encountered before the workers started idling is likely the culprit. Excellent work capturing this video–I love the Schumann, too :smile:

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Ah, the error message? It’s possible, which would mean I guess I noticed the problem sooner than I thought I would. When you see something like this, you tend to feel like it’s been going on for a little while. Anyway, that’s good, that may make it easier to fix… right?

Thanks! I actually didn’t have a lot of choice with a video of that length, but I rather like it, myself.

As a follow-up to this earlier post in this topic, I can confirm that it is still happening in R122. I point this out in this recent video at 32:30.

Also in this video at 16:00. Some are idling, some aren’t; none should, I think, in this situation.

This is happening in R134 as well except it seems to be a whole lot worse. If there are supplies on a different terrain level, they won’t be collected. Also specialized workers such as carpenters, farmers, and weavers, are even more laggy than ever before. They won’t even build their crafting stations sometimes.

You can see above that there is a carpenter going for the wood in this stockpile, but as soon as those two pieces where used up, everyone stopped working and the wood on the plateau above wasn’t used or moved to a stockpile. Also the weaver there has been told to build her station, but she never did it.

Still in R166. I don’t think the elevation levels are related, as earlier in my play my citizens were retrieving items from higher levels, and when they started idling, they didn’t retrieve items from the same elevation level either. Perhaps load/save is related? I noticed very shortly after loading and saving.

Save at 14:12 followed by immediate load done at 14:30. Idling visible immediately after that (although noticed (while playing) and pointed out explicitly (with mouse and camera movements) at 15:02.

EDIT: idling was over again upon a reload. See start of this video:

I have the same problem now in build 183. I was working on a house, with wood in a stockpile and suddenly everybody went idle. Well, not the farmer but all the workers and the carpenter.
Image as below, where you can see the wood in the stockpile and how they all are idle.

It’s definitely not to the same level that it was before, but I still see a bit of this occasionally. Just to give an example from R375:



here the same bug with [develop-2497].
Just after 1 day. and a amazing amont of wood…

I am seeing the same issue but when I saved and reloaded I noticed that the heartlings were trapped in the ground. I’ve tried the reset command in the console but it only slides them around at the same level. If I try and dig them out, they fall down to just below the new level of the ground as well.

Not sure if the issues are truly related but they seem to be.

Is there any fix as of now ?

Hey there @jjakaaj1, are you experiencing this problem in a current game? If so, please provide some details.

Idle Hearthling, Hearthling OCD, and pathfinding bugs have been addressed a lot in the latest builds, so this issue should not occur to the extent it did in the first report…but bugs do have a bad habit of creeping back into the code :wink:

I have a town of about 25 hearthlings and once I hit 20 I started to see the problem. Houses I built and I want to be destroyed get taken down about halfway then they stop. They once in a while will do some basic tasks like picking up wood and mine. But other then that they enjoy eating sitting by the fires and sleeping. Building and taking down houses seem to be the main issue for me.

Alright…can you share your system specs (CPU, GPU, RAM) with us please.

CPU- I7 3770 RAM- 16GB And i’m not sure where to see me gpu.

OK. You shouldn’t be having issues with 20 hearthlings with those specs to the best of my knowledge.

drags thread out of previous build reports

Let me page @Albert and @not_owen_wilson for you. In the mean time…do you mind uploading the save folder for the game you mentioned above?

How do I upload it? Sorry about this im kinda noob at this

Not a problem!

As save games are typically too big to upload directly, you will need to upload the folder to a cloud storage site (like Dropbox or Google Drive) and copy the share link here to the discourse.