Citizen wont do tasks

I resumed a saved game, and my citezen wont complete any tasks. I tried to place a screenshot, but it says "new users cannot upload pictures

Citizens* …

Save games are broken now, I assume you’re using the latest build?

yes, shame i was enjoying the game :frowning:

I’d say for the moment, if you enjoy playing the game, you should play it with the last stable build, or wait for the next release :slight_smile: The build is minimally tested, so every bug possible is in the game right now, I’m sure it’ll be fixed in about a week but hard to tell :blush:

Glad you like Stonehearth though, and thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


hey there @AzuraNefal … welcome aboard! :smile:

as @FiredHigh indicated, its best to not to try and use save games from one build to another… with each new build (especially these unstable versions), its best to start with a brand new game… :+1:

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