Choose Theme of Krovikan's Next Kingdom Series

Hey everyone, I have a bunch of ideas for my next series, and I want your guys’ help to choose which one, I want it to be based on water so I have removed some of my ideas and brought it down to three. Vote for whatever one you would like to see me do! :smile:

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i would like a mixture of the bottom two


that was my thoughts also


Mine too :grin: :grimacing:


Hey, just a reminder that Discourse has a special function for polls and it is really awesome.

[size=16]What should the next Stonehearth Kingdom be Modeled after?[/size]

  • Large rural, with small keep
  • City with little space, lots of multistory buildings
  • Trade port town

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But alas, I have arrived far too late and it seems the third option has won… But how does the link have eleven clicks when it has even more votes? I think someone voted numerous times.


The reason I didn’t use that feature is that I advertised this on G+, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and here :slight_smile: Also why there is more votes than views.

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Oh, okay. That makes significantly more sense. Can’t wait to see what comes from this!