Chickenfried's Chicken Men

So then, my first post. This is to test the waters and find out if I should continue this. But well, here it is: The Chickonian Mages! Please, critique my work! I’m very much the amateur.


Oh, and I will elaborate on each branch of the classes with upcoming posts.

Wow, you put a lot of time and effort into that one. How many chicken men are there? 50?

Can you post a closeup view of some characters? From that distance I see that you did some adjustments, but it is hard to recognize them.

They look really good, on a slight side note will colonel Sanders be there titan? Or maybe foghorn leghorn, lol

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agreed… from a distance they already look pretty good, but i would want to see one up close and personal… :smiley:

When I get back to my editing computer, I will definitely have to show you guys some of the ones I’m most proud of out of that set. I’m currently, however, at a another computer.But more to come, definitely.

Great idea, I may be able to make something of that sort. Or a cockatrice. Or both.

Good job on the Quibicle creation. :smile:

Ch. 1: The Basics
These three are the very first tiers among the mages:

In the center is the initiate. He has just been exposed to magical radiation and can manipulate magic very slightly. On the left is the apprentice. After, say, a week or so, the initiate has learned just by wingin’ it (pun intended) how to manipulate magic a bit more and is a lot looser about his attire as well. On the right, is the apothacary. He has been influenced by the sciences and has grown skilled with copying recipes you might find in the wild ( maybe), he has also become alot more of prick and overconfident (you can tell from the eyes).

Also, think of this as different representations of the same guy. There will be more variants, soon…

nice work @chickenfried! the subtle beak and red mop really give the impression of chicken men… :+1:

a few suggestions if i may:

  • decrease the resolution and increase the image quality (if possible) as the images look somewhat washed out
  • by reducing the size, you should be able to link directly to a .png, .jpg, .gif etc
  • try to edit previous posts, if there are no additional posts after your own (ok, so that’s a nit pick)
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Nice work on the chicken men. I think it would be cool if you let these “Avian Humanoids” leave near you but they attract Goblins and other enemies. Because they want to eat them.

I just won’t allow them into my town. Goblins love to eat chickens and
people size chickens will bring hundreds. If not thousands of them to
your city. - King Skull

@SteveAdamo I’ll see what I can do about the quality. It was trouble enough making the photos look the way they do but it ended up being worth it, so I’ll try, and thanks for the compliment as well! @Skull24 Great idea, and maybe if they live near you, you will always have feathers for arrows, to defend yourself from the goblins, and maybe even kidnap one as a peace offering to the goblins. So many possibilities!

Going away for this next week. I’ll be back on saturday!

Ok, I’m back! Here’s another chapter to celebrate my return to the world of the forums:
Ch. 2: Into the Fire

After working near fires and volcanoes, the humble apprentice has gained experience with working with fires and lighting them. The second, in the center, has gained experience in fire magic, but has aquired burns on its face because of this. The third, the pyromaster, has learned how to enhance its abilities by charring itself, adding its essence into the fires it controls. More to come soon!