Cheese Mountain (Mild Spoiler)

So I’m getting back into Stonehearth and decided to make a new settlement with Raya’s children. I had roughly 20 Hearthlings by the time the “Mountain” came by. My combat set up was 3 Footmen, 1 Knight, 1 Cleric and 1 Archer. Since the army looked pretty big I took advantage of rallying the town. It seems there’s little to nothing that the rally button can’t resolve combat-wise. We took out the army pretty quickly so I guess my question is, is this working as intended? It seems to make the game awfully easy, but on the other hand it makes a lot of sense and I was scared enough to use the button in the first place.

Could the more experienced explain what balances there are in town defense mode? Will villagers be more likely to run in battle? Has anyone had this backfire horribly? I also acknowledge that the flag has to be placed advantageously for this to work. I guess my final question is, is it normal to be at or around 20 by the time this event pops or was I ahead of the curve so to speak.

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