Change to Qubicle competition - The Wildcard

Just a head’s up guys and girls,

We’re going to introduce a ‘wildcard’ entry for the Qubicle competition final.

All this means is that @SteveAdamo and myself will choose a model from the first 3 weeks of each cycle that we think deserves a place in the final; that person will then be allowed to compete like any other finalist.

Also, obligatory reminder to go submit/vote in this week’s [url]Qubicle competition[/url] :smile:


Oooh, I like that idea. Is that going to be applied for this cycle?

It is indeedy! :smile:


what my esteemed colleague failed to mention, is that we’re accepting completely “voluntary” donations (preferably in the form of non-sequential bills) from those folks who are eager to grab that wildcard spot…

just saying… :speak_no_evil: