Challenge to the Modders and content creators

i still have my armor stand and weapon rack models if you guys want those,


Hmm for the armor stand to really be a container that holds more than one armor might be best to do something like @Spiro weaver closet and have a couple of these in the closet and the top shelf holding a bunch of helmets and shields. Although it is worth having a container of 1 just to have the armor stand.

We could implement both, i like the Armor stand of 8BitCrab :slightly_smiling:
What think the rest of you guys?

My Hots group let me alone this night, so i solve my boring problem :slightly_smiling:

@Tamira is this what you imagine ? heartling for scale, and the backround becouse … boredom

The small chest is also ready. So next more Barrels, and the Armory :slightly_smiling:


I worked today at a little java programm which produce me the new manifest.json, and
the recept, and all the create .json ,which belongs to the model.

That means, its from now on only 1/4 work to implement a model in the game :slightly_smiling:

and Tada :slightly_smiling:
it works :slightly_smiling:

you can find the new Version on

new content:
Farmers Booth
Bakers Booth
Weavers Booth

now its time to make new moddels :slightly_smiling:


@Spiro you Sir work amazingly fast and accurate ! Thank you for you hard work :slight_smile:


New Stuff

My version of a Armor stand, nothing against you 8bitCrab, i only want to make one ^^.

I think for the Container mod its not usefull, becouse it is more a decorativ, than a container.
So we came back to Tamiras Idea:

Here we have a lot of space to store our Heartlings armor, if they want to go sleep, after a long Day.

And more stuff for Rayyas Children, now there weaver could have a cool shelf too :slightly_smiling:


Loving the amount of activity in this thread, great models and collaboration together. :thumbsup:


New version on Free Hosting - Domain Does Not Exist
contains the clay shelf and the armor shelf

it is to easy to mod with a script :frowning:

Hey ho, I update it on Praise, it should work for Alpha 18.
Not good, but work :slight_smile:

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hello spiros
I’m a fan of your mod and upgrade the windows and doors along with Wiese2007
and I would like your permission enlarge and add more windows

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I overworked the mod, now it should worked without problems.

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love the extra interiour options to create specific houses so when you look at your like thats the crafter house :slight_smile:

might do some pixelarting for the cook though, Would love for him to have a desend work place instead of some pots on the floor.

Hey I don’t know why but nothing of your mod is showing up in my game. I’ve used this mod in the last Alphas without a problem but now in Alpha 18 it just don’t want to work for me :frowning:
I tried it with vanilla Stonehearth and modded Stonehearth (no difference).
I am using the latest humblestore version Alpha 18 release 663 (from September 21) x64bit
I am using your latest version on praise Alpha 18 version 1.0
Anyone having the same problem? Or had and maybe found a “workaround”. I would appreciate any help and I’m open for suggestions what I could try to make it work. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

anyone still have a copy of this mod? i can’t find it on praisedb, it says the account is suspended, but i really like the mod and really want to use it :slight_smile:

hmm… even if someone does have a copy of it, sadly i don’t think it’ll work with A18 :confused:

Please please please update this to A19! I want to use it soooo badly!
It looks amazing!

So glad I found this one (Thanks @SheiFoxy for bumping it) before going down the redundant rabbit hole of coming up with my own version…my models would have been terrible by comparison. This is some great stuff!

can you create this mod from alpha 19?

Why did I find this only now? This is all cool stuff. Really! :+1:

I believe u can use on version 19, because the version on manifest is 3 :grin: