Challenge for stonehearth

Since the game is rather easy I made a challenge to give it some more spice. I call it : “This is Sparta!”

Step one: the founding party:
So you start of with 7 founders. Four of these are going to be you ruling family that came with 3 hired artisans(/ bodyguard) these 4 are to do nothing, since they are the upper-class and just rule the little kingdom. (would be nice to give them a family name.) the other 3 can be any thing you wand and do not have to partake in any trials.

Step two: Dealing with them plebs.
Every new man that joins the town will have to fight for his honour, until that happens he is not allowed to do anything in town but eat and sleep. He may not haul, build or have a job.
He can prove his worth by making him a soldier with a practice sword and a wooden shield and set him up alone against a goblin or a wolf etc. If he survives he made it and will be a full member of the town. (Aka he may have a home and a job.)
What about the women you ask? well you got two option. Be a good feminist and give them equal rights and have them fight for rights to. Or you can be sexist and have them as trophies for the men and let them do all the shopping (= hauling no jobs thou)
Greek/Roman inspired buildings are optional, A graveyard is highly recommended.

The biggest challenge might be the low morale over time with all the deaths. or the patience of the player because this will be a slow game.

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So and a nice sunny day in the dessert the band set out and found a nice place to settle. It looked perfect for a little defensible acropolis.
They started out with a farmer (Pan), a soldier (Alexander) and a potter (Promethieus). But soon the nobles found out that nothing was mined for the potter so the soldier and the famer agreed that the best way to start was lay down their professions and to gather and collect the fruits of the local flora. Within a week they had a nice farm of about 40 prickly pears. Food was going strong. (the ones in * *
are the nobles and yes i’m going to play with the females only on hauling.)

Day 5
they finally managed to have new soul to join the ranks, thou he needed to prove his worth. There had been a giant undead spawn from hades near the frond of the stairs. Nobody really though he was going to make it, but if he died he would not have wasted any food or other resources they thought… Boy they where wrong! He survived with half of his life intact and on his way back he intercepted a varanus and killed that too while still being sick and poisoned by the zombie. Sparta (and the former soldier) soon agreed this would be there new captain of the guard!

Edit, Just for who might read it. Along came the goblin with the fancy had and demanded so many oak log that Sparta had to decline. Short to say it also made the town decline with in a week there where no males left to defend them selfs D: . but adleast I have some building blue prints and a new combat update!