Certain Responsibility as Alpha Players

I figured this would be a great opportunity for everyone to remind (or introduce)…well everyone about Alpha Gameplay. Add any tips or thoughts on how to play games that are in Alpha!

I will post a couple of things that I try to do when I play games that are in alpha. I always like to see how others look at games in Alpha and what they do in terms of gameplay.

Here is what I do…

  • Depending on the game…I try to purposely break it… (Sorry Devs!!) You’re goal should be to make this game crash, crash, crash. You want to corrupt your saves, lose your data, set up impossible situations, do stuff unimaginable, make the game cry, record what happens and REPORT IT.

  • The whole point of Alpha is for the developers to figure out what’s going on and how to make the game so much better for those who are patiently waiting for final release.

A couple more things…listen to the developers and look for what they need from us. If they are specifically asking us to achieve certain targets in this game’s development, then we have an obligation to do so.

I also fully support developers who decide to remove poisonous community members if they decide to harass others and devs, because they have an elitist “I PAYED 30 DOLLERS AND THIS GAME IS BROKEN!!111! WTF DEVS! I WANT MY MONY BACK!” attitude.


It is our job and moral obligation, as Alpha participants, to actively assist the developers so that they can make this game amazing by final release.


I wholeheartedly agree. Great advice a good reminder of what we are investing in.


well welcome aboard @axcess! :smile:

i too am in favor of the spirit of this post!

Thank you! Looking forward being apart of this game’s future!

@sdee mentioned that the game crashes when you build accross terrain tiles. Pres F1 and you will get a box showing where terrain tiles are. Press F1 again to go back to regular mode. Make sure you build buildings in one tile only.

Yes! It is our holy mission to slap the Alpha 1 until it makes a mistake! Forward, ho!

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But also remember, not everyone purchased strictly to be an alpha tester, some people just believed in the project and wanted to help fund it. not everyone has the time or inclination to test.

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