Canyon Biome mod


Mod Updated

This is a complete rework (from zero) of this biome. I hate how it was before, and how “hacky” it needed to be to achieve some effects that in the end wasn’t even looking good.

At the first post.


  • Started over.
  • Smoother colors
  • Flat tops with scarce vegetation
  • Long and deep bottoms, fertile ground with more vegetation
  • A few lakes there, sometimes they look like rivers, not much though
  • Desert mobs (poyo, fox and varanus).
  • Better compatibility with other biomes (there was a function before that could bug other biomes, mainly those without a proper alias at the biome index [just tech stuff, don’t worry])

For now, there is just the terrain shape of the biome. I plan to reskin a few things to better match the biome, mainly those little grey rocks (make them more colorful) and probably the bunny statues.


I can’t hardly wait to try the updated mod, @BrunoSupremo.

If my previous game was running in the old mod version, will it work with the updated version? Or should I start a new game?


Uhm, good question, and I’m not sure… Should work I guess.


I love your biomes bruno <3


Would it be surprising at all to know the Kitty has already played with that one a bit, if she told you she loved your biome?

canyonbunny1.qb (637.5 KB)


I play in this biome more than any other biome. Can’t wait to try the updated version! :smile_cat:


I also eagerly await the new rendition! Just from that screenshot though, I like the smoother colour transitions already, and I reckon the fertile valleys are spot on.



question, is that other tropical mod ready for alpha 21?


Consider this in for the next update! (if you are ok with it)

When they officially launch the a21 version, I will also launch a new update there that I’m holding here (I’m waiting to see if something changes until there, and meanwhile I’m also kinda testing and rebalancing a few things, so the wait is not being wasted)


I wouldn’t offer the files for the things I make if I minded people using them ^^
I will be positively pleased and honoured to see it in the next update :slight_smile:
Ehehehe…cat gradually gets her paw mark on ALL of the mods… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great job on redoing this!! The transitions looks a lot better and the topsoil layer helps tone down the orange saturation. Keep up the great work and thanks for all the work ya do on the mods we all appreciate it! :jubilant:


Quick survey, should players be able to mine these rocks for resources?

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters


I voted yes only because they may sometimes be in a spot that’s awkward or a player wants to clear for a building. I keep getting rabbit statues kinda floatin’ in air (other biomes) because the tail is caught on a rock lol. With that said, they look great and I’d wanna keep em around for ambiance. :merry:


dude can you make it so theres a 5% chance to get gold ore from them? and the bigger ones 10% xD


Those rock formations are spectacular!


Agreed @Logo. While I’d love to say that we should never mine them, if the engine randomly places them, there’s always going to be that one that is awkwardly located.


I would treat them as normal terrain. They should yield rock or clay like dirt and be destroyed in the same fashion.

Have fun, Kyth.


yea the clay would be REALLY useful, i can barely find anything (i usually onl have like 5-10)


I say yes, but i’d also like to see us be able to move them.