Canyon Biome mod

If I remember correctly, Radiant was going to add a way to move dirt blocks to other areas.

So possible future farmable mountaintops


yeah. that would be the most flexible one. (e.g. rooftop farms?)
still, it is a feature of unknown ETA. I was looking more at something I could play the coming weekend :slight_smile:

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I can add “grass” block to every layer and disguise then as the colored rocks, so the game will treat then as farm friendly areas.
Should I do it?

Also, I want input on the general generation. Should I keep the same shapes? Or should I change it to have more flat areas and a few pillars? (Like in the coyote cartoon) In the posts above I added 5 pics each with different generations.


If it’s possible to have a mix of larger canyons and some spires scattered through, I’d say that would look the best. Having a whole map of smaller spires may be too much; but if you have some in the gaps between larger canyons then that will not only look great, but it will allow players to build awesome things to connect the spires to the canyons around them.


I love this mod and I have been using it for a new Rayya’s children game. Is there anyway that the color palette used can be added to the clay building materials? So that when you build homes they look like they were actually built out of the surrounding materials much in the way pueblo architecture does.


That mod kind-of exists separately, here :slight_smile: It adds all the natural terrain colours for both the desert and forest biomes, so there should be some nice colour matches with the colours in this mod.

However, some of the brighter colours probably won’t match up as nicely; so it would be great if @Relyss and @BrunoSupremo could organise a crossover/add-on mod to add the new colours into the palette as well.

While that’s being done, it’s probably worth adding any new terrain colours from the Archipelago and Anorien biome mods in the same package, just to have all bases covered with a single “modded biomes terrain slabs all-in-one” mod – that should save end-users a little bit of time, and mean only one add-on to worry about keeping up to date with the biome mods themselves.

And if players happen to get biome colours from biomes they’re not using… well, honestly I don’t think that anyone is going to complain about that! :smile:

Yeah :slight_smile: Having a larger color palette is a gift unto itself.

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Oh, that’s a good idea. Adding new colors for clay blocks. From what I know, I think it is easy to do. (Not sure though)
I will take a look later, and also fix some of the problems with the goblin campaign not spawning.

The way we are doing this is kinda hard and needs manual updates with every change or addition. Ideally the building “terrain blocks” would auto-match the terrain colors. That way it would only need one grass block, which would have the correct color of the biome (plus those border colors). :slight_smile: That though would be hard to code.

If she wants, she can add any color from any of my biomes, no permission needed :wink:


Absolutely gorgeous! Downloading when I am done with work (amazing how it always gets in the way of my fun)

While I was playing this Biome, I noticed something neat. happened by accident.

The monument has risen!

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That is probably related to hitboxes of those items.
I can see the red ore vein in your pic, totally forgot about it. Is it a marble vein, right? I need to add a color to those.

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yeah that was what it was I placed the four columns and the monument at the same time. Yeah the red is marble from the Tuhalus mod

I really wanted to play as Rayya’s Children in this biome, but I cannot find very much clay at all. Am I looking in the wrong places or is there only stone in these canyons?

Oh, right. This last update had update the mining loots. This biome added clay to the rocks (the canyons are all rocky terrain) but it was based on the old values. I will have to update this to drop clay again. Right now it will be super rare… :frowning:

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When you make that update, will I have to restart my game or just upgrade the 'smod?

Just updating the mod will apply the effects to your game. So the next rocks you mine will have higher chance of getting clay. I’m taking a look at the mod right now, so maybe I can upload this today. There is other small changes in the mod too.

If you want, you can update this little thing yourself.
Change the .smod to .zip and extract the contents. In the extracted folders, go into data/biome/canyon_mining_loot_table.json. Open that file and change the number “0.2” near the end of the text file to the number “200”. This will make the clay drop rates back to normal.

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Thanks muchly, @BrunoSupremo ^.^

p.s. look at this cutest little island in amongst the canyons:



Everything in the main post. The only changes are a compatibility patch for mining clay and the addition of new building clay colors, for matching houses with the terrain.

[details=If someone with modding experience can help me with this little thing:]I tried changing the farmer restriction of only being able to plant on grass and dirt, to also be able to farm on rocks, but I failed. I tried accessing the stonehearth.world_generation:get_biome_alias() in the FarmingCallHandler:choose_new_field_location() but the game gives errors.

My idea was to check which biome was being used, and in case of it being this one, remove the restriction.

I could just change the world generation completely and make the mountains be made entirely of dirt (or at least the top most blocks), but that solution would be overkill…[/details]


which part of the code is determining that only dirt and grass layer are farm-able? One would suggest that if its bound to top layer it should not matter which material you select. If its material wise could you not change the colour of grass?

It is in that function, FarmingCallHandler:choose_new_field_location()

        grass = true,
        dirt = true

I just need to add rock there (easy), but only if it is the right biome. The call to stonehearth.world_generation:get_biome_alias() is not working, returning nil.

I don’t understand your suggestion about changing the grass color. Grass are only at bottom layers of the map. You will not be able to farm at the top of a canyon as it is rock block type. If I were to add a grass layer to every elevation, I would need to create multiple new grass blocks, each with the correct color… A solution that is as overkill as simple replacing everything with dirt in world generation.