Canyon Biome mod

People over here modding in whole new biomes and I can barely build a nice looking house


yessss i know this issue xD everytime when i get a new hairstyle from kitty ^^ and the baddest part when i must change it so i can use it and i must try not to destroy it (with my unartistic hands xD)

ok sometimes i have good ideas like the juwelery for the hairmod - kitty loved my changes - to make them realistic ^^


I love this version – the thinner stripes remind me of a more “classical” mesa or canyon image. Not particularly realistic, more of a fantastical look… but then, I do like more fantastic terrain so IMO that’s not a bad thing at all lol.

I can’t get over that isolated acacia tree up on top of the right-most plateau. Small touches/possibilities like that really add a sense of story to the map. I can imagine that some kind of desert sheep or goat would have a great time roaming those grassy “slopes” leading down to the canyon floor, and resting under the shady trees around water holes.

The really great thing is that this basic design could, with relative ease, represent some very different parts of the world. There’s the classic image of the Grand Canyon or Monument Valley, there’s Kakadu and the Kimberlies (or even the Outback around Uluru) in my neck of the woods, or even some parts of Africa.

Now, someone needs to start work on spinnifex grass and wilderbeests, maybe some kangaroos, rattlesnakes… LOL! Seriously, this biome is giving me all kinds of inspiration; and hopefully the same is true for other creative types around here. I’m a little in awe, but mostly I’m too busy dreaming up all the cool possibilities that stem from this :heart_decoration:


Personnaly i would change the pink shades for red/orange shades but else than that its an awesome biome that i will surely use to play with RC

I quite like the salmon color myself, but I think I might like just slightly thicker stripes.

Is there anyway we can get a naming convention for biome mods throughout mod community?

Like naming the smod “biome_biomename.smod”.

Just for future sakes when someone may have like 19 biomes from mods :joy:

I like the canyons though! Haven’t yet actually looked at it, but think about adding water at the bottom of some chasms. Kinda like how the Grand Canyon in the US has rivers that run through it(since water is what causes the mountains to be eroded and form Canyons like that.


like i have seen all mods have such a settings xD


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Yeah, I have noticed that, that’s why I’m proposing the biome_biomename instead of biomename_biome

That way when in your mod folder all the biome mods you have will be all together. I’m also lazy, so that could be part of the reason for my wanting this.


Wow! Really nice work.
I’m gonna have to start a game with this biome over the weekend…


This looks great! (=

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This looks great =D
I usually build my towns into a cliff face because I like the style, and now there is a biome to match =]


I always played on the default temperate Bioms just because i felt no meed for a new one, but maybe i should give modded bioms a go?

Not the canyon though, it looks awesome!, but surely not a beginner’s biome :smiley:

i think it more beginner friendly ^^ not much places to spawn enemies they can attack and lots of stone etc. xD

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Well what i meanis that it doesn’t feel like a [beginner’s ‘Biome’]instead of a [‘Beginner’s’ biome]

I have plenty of experience with the game and hard mode (obviously…)

I ment that it looks and feels Drastically different, i might just start with something more… Subtle

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Much wow! Very like the mod :+1:
Add Cactus & harvestable bones :smile:

Forgive my dissent, because I love the mesas themselves, but I feel like the other bits need tweaking. It’s quite strange to encounter greenery and normal trees in an otherwise desert-ey biome; replacing the greenery with tan soil and acacia trees/cacti would be much more visually cohesive. Patches of Desert-ey soil atop the mesas in some areas would be nice too, because it’s infuriating to go from the top to the ground level and back again for food.

As it stands, it feels a bit too “100% mountains” to hold its own gameplay-wise. I feel like I’d love this if it were a part of the default Desert biome, honestly - broad plains broken up by encroaching mesas. Put these in the same proportion as Mountains in the default Forest biome and it’d be perfect.

Don’t take this for discouragement, however - I love what you’re doing! Keep up the good work!

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I think what you’re describing isn’t what the goal of this biome was.

I read canyon like Grand Canyon which is much more sporadic cliffs here and there and giant casyms between cliff-faces

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In all honesty, I have to agree with @LeadfootSlim here, I was definitely picturing this biome as being closer to a minecraft mesa biome-esque type of thing, but I can also understand the more grand canyon-esque view

but in minecraft mesa there are lots of unusable clay :wink: do you really want this :stuck_out_tongue:


Not if you plan on building some big, colourful buildings :wink:

But yeah, Minecraft also has a “Mesa_M” and “Mesa_M_F” biome, both of which have patches of grass and trees; looking extremely similar to this layout. Although I think some colour changes in the grass (more tan or olive shades) would spruce things up a bit, I also like the idea that there’s some grassy sections; particularly around the ponds.

I think it would help if the oak trees were replaced with either juniper trees or some new scrub-brush tree though – the oak trees are just too forest-y for this setting, IMO. I’d love to see joshua trees, small groundcover cacti and spinnifex grass clumps… but all those things need models, and I’m sure Bruno is busy enough already lol. Besides that, modelling spinnifex in the Stonehearth style would be really difficult and annoying…