Canyon Biome mod

That would be amazing…unless your mason is a cultist. Might need a bunny option too lol.

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Pretty sure that @Kittyodoom has that covered already, LOL!

I agree with the suggestion, it would be awesome to have those sort of large statues carved out of the rock pillars. However, I’d be equally happy if we simply had recipes for such statues so that we could place them wherever we like, not just where the map generator places the rock pillars…

Perhaps that discussion should become the focus of a different mod though, heheh.

Getting back to this awesome mod, though, I noticed a ribcage decoration in the earlier pics and wanted to ask if that’s another thing included in the mod?

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Hi guys, got a real busy weekend, barely had time online, but I’m back now.

So, about the rock pillars.
Although it would be cool to be able to mine it voxel by voxel, it is out of my skills, so for now it is a prop like any other (e.g. trees), and you just “harvest” it. Your hearthlings will swing their pickaxes at it, and it will slowly drop stone, clay, or minerals (with proper high or low chances depending on the drop), then it will break. (again, like trees)

Thank you all for voting.

It is in the current version. I actually just jumped into MagicaVoxel to make a skull too, which I wanted to make for a long time but just kept forgetting about it.

I will also add some flies to those, the same effect that we see in the rotten food. I think it will look good. Then I guess I will just updated the mod version, and focus on another thing (not in this mod) I’m trying here.


You’re doing a great job, we appreciate all the work you’ve done. :merry:

Mod Updated

Consider this biome done. Though, I will try to keep it updated with bug fixes and compatibility patches in the future.

At the first post.


  • Added rock pillars and arches
  • Added another bone variation (skull)
  • Added Kittyodoom colored Rabbit Statue

Thank you all guys for the feedback. I will now focus on another project.


dude whats the new project gonna be? another biome?


We need this for every mod on this Discourse. It’s so HAPPY! :jubilant:


Mod Updated

Finally we have rivers running in it! This was the most requested feature for this biome and one that I tried to achieve for a long time. (Now this biome is complete!)

:up: At the first post.


  • Added rivers


I will later release the mod to add rivers to any biome you want. This one had to have its own river generation cause the rivers mod would not be compatible with this (and the Archipelago) because they are all modding the same file, creating incompatibilities between them. The rivers mod will probably work in any other biomes though.


Woohoo! The rivers really take this mod up another notch, and I’m definitely going to try this out as the setting for my next town!

Now we just need Albert to finish up the expanded water mechanics so that we can pump water up into caverns and create awesome waterfalls… hehehe. But these rivers do a great job of looking natural, like a lazy meandering stream which has been acting for hundreds of generations to carve out these canyons. It’s a perfect fit for the world of Hearth, since it creates fertile land for both farming and settling a town on; and enough water to explain the presence of a town without over-saturating the landscape.

Watching your mod grow from an idea to this awesome reality has been nothing short of inspiring :merry:


Yeah! Awesome! Reminds me of those canyons in stuff like the Lion-king where herds of animals pass though or stampede

lions, bison, eagles and… those elk guys ect…

I’d love to make a couple of those on my spare time here and there
If i actually manage to finish any, perhaps i can hand them over to you and you can add them in! (No promisses though, i’m a lazy guy)

Anyway, congrats on being able to declare the biom complete!


why didn’t I add this to my fav list ???

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Awesome mod. Thank you!

Nothing to see here. Keep moving down river.


@BrunoSupremo, Do we still need the river_mod for this? what happens if I play this with the river_mod? will it stack (rivers intertwining or crossing) or not, or (worst case) bug out?

The river mod is ignored in this biome. The canyon has its own river, even without the river mod.


Hi Bruno,

let my first say a big “thank you!” for this great biome mod! I really enjoyed my last play-through (not finished yet) deep in the red-orange canyons!

I have a small request, though: could you add the ‘Varanus’ to your spawnable creatures list?

I think the main game has moved on since you created your biome and while you obviously keep it updated in order to guarantee compatibility with the latest built, more subtle changes were made to the base game as well. I am speaking specifically about the late game shines that were added to the main game - and even more specific about the warrior related one (which name I don’t remember while writing this):
One of the necessary ingredients is varanus skin - which unfortunately isn’t available in your biome, blocking me to finish my small warrior outpost and granting the brave protectors of the Hearthlinghood the legendary weapons they need to do their job.


You just got unlucky. The monsters are controlled by the campaigns, which are not modded in the canyon. There is a small change though, the varanus will be the sandy variation. (because the biome import all desert skins)


Thank you, Bruno, for your quick answer!

This is really unfortunate, then! :frowning:
But good that it is covered in principle! :slight_smile:

Anyway, my Hearthlings now enjoy the enhanced crafting recipes (lanterns and stuff) and are distracted from their lack of weaponry due to the shiny lights … all is good! :smiley:

patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:

Updated to Stonehearth 1.1 and its new code standards.


  • Added new landmarks
  • Improved minimap at a new game selecting starting position screen

(I think this will be the last update for this mod)


Just, gorgeous. I’m going to make a new game tonight in this biome!

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