Cant undeploy doors

Newest update made me unable to remove doors.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. place door
  2. try to undeploy
  3. ??
    1531891220918.rar (4.0 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:

Doors previously could not be undeployed. In this release we added the ability to undeploy doors, but that does not apply retroactively to doors created before the patch.


Ah understood.

Side note may have broke my weaver as he cant make northern alliance clothes. might be a side effect of re embarking from ascendancy.

Yes, NA/RC recipes do not carry over when re-embarking as Ascendancy.

no I mean that this is a northern alliance save but i cant make NA clothes. I brought my ascendency guys from my last save.

What do you mean by “NA clothes”? There are a few weaver recipes unlocked as part of the NA town tiers (helmet, shield, banners, rugs), but none of them are clothes.

The worker outfit and Winter worker outfit.

There are no separate NA versions of those. They just look different.

Oh I thought they would be able to craft there own themed version not just buy them from traders. Sorry I might be wording this all horribly.

Can I just say, since we’re on the topic of clothing, that I love the RC fancy clothing?


Having the same problem with objects… I command them to undemploy something and then nothing happens… they stay there sitting by the fire…

Do you have space in storage for those items? It’s a common issue, since storage containers can easily fill up when you’re not looking.

This sounds like a separate issue. Are the objects in question doors? Does it still happen if you save/load? What does your CPU bar look like? If you have a save game where this happens, please upload it for us :slight_smile:

The problem is already fixed… I reinstaled the game and the villagers comeback to undemploy the things… It was happening when I comand then to undemploy the carpenter workbench and then they act like they are ignoring me… about my CPU bar I do not look at it much but… the issue happened in the start of the game and i dont tell them to do many things. If it happen again I will open a new discourse and let you informed. Thanks for the concern ^^.

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