Can't place furniture in building designer

When designing a building, either by editing an existing template or creating a new custom design, I am unable to place furniture in the building. I can remove furniture from an existing template, but cannot add furniture to any design.

Steps to reproduce:
Have a piece of furniture in your inventory. Design a building. Select a piece of furniture from the furniture tab of the building designer. Hover over a spot on the building’s floor that should be a valid location for the selected piece of furniture.

Expected Results:
The piece of furniture should display as it would be placed, and clicking would add the piece of furniture to the design.

Actual Results:
The piece of furniture disappears as if the location is invalid for the piece of furniture. Clicking has no discernible effect.

This has been happening since at least the previous latest build.

Versions and Mods:
develop-2081; no mods

System Information:
Plenty-capable computer running Windows 7 with up-to-date video drivers

Found a very similar issue in 2083, not sure if I was missing something; however in my recent episode I was unable to place furniture if I was ever in design mode pre or post build. (Pre is on the video)

Unlike this post I don’t get the furniture disappearing it won’t go down at all, I get a red X.

Starts @ 16:30,

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I have the same issue. The game doesn’t let me place furniture like beds, tables or lamps INSIDE the house. But I can place these things in the template OUTSIDE the house (lanterns on existing walls). This happens to be the case both in the latest build as well as in the unstable build before.

Can confirm for R223; see attached video.

Tried on floor (21:26) and on slabs (22:15).

Fixed for the next release!


Furniture available in building? That sounds like a good reason for me to get back to “Template Modding”.

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I seem to have the exact opposite problem, being unable to remove furniture in the Building editing station.
It is really annoying having to start over every time while working on new building designs.