Can't get my game to start since alpha 5

I was able to play during early alpha but since recent patches when I try to load the game it never comes up and just closes program. Advice?

Do you use steam? Have you tried completely deleting it and reinstalling? (ie finding the install location and removing any folders/files left over after uninstalling with steam…)
I’ve found it occasionally breaks after an update, but a full re-install usually fixes that :smile:

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Also did you have any mods installed prior to alpha 5? If so that could be causing the problem.

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hi @ImmaYeti … as has been mentioned, we’re going to need a little more information in order to try and provide a solution…

No mods, Deleted steam content and loose files and app data and then reinstalled but still wont start

Can you provide your system information, please (Operative system, processor, RAM, graphic card, etc)? Are you using the betas from Steam - the actual latest unstable build?

And please take a look at these workarounds (click on the link):

You can try again some of them and tell us the results. It’s weird that before you could play it and now you can’t. Because the devs are always making optimizations. So it could either be a problem with your computer, or some random tiny thing inside the latest changes in the game that has caused this.

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