Can't build with stone and can't promote to shepherd

I need help, i cant Build Stone Houses or Tower anything with stone is not working.

My 2 problem is my trapper is 3 but i cant make a shepherd, yes i have the staff

Thanks :smile:

Not quite sure about the stone houses (make sure you have stone) because I’ve never had issues with them before. The trapper, however has always been buggy for me. I’m not really sure about how sheperds work (since I can’t make one myself) but my guess is that they may not be finished.

For the Stone: As whitecrayon said, make sure you actually have stone. Other than that you may just be bugged. Can you build with wood?

For the Shepard: Click on the Trapper, press the ‘change jobs’ button and select Shepard, accept, designate a pasture once one the hearthling has been promoted. The Shepard will walk around the map and eventually bring some sheep back to the pasture.

E: Make sure the Shepard Staff is in a stockpile first.

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The staff is in the stockpile, my trapper is 3.

with stone, u mean the normal stone from mines? yes i can build with wooden

Normal stone from mines, yes. Maybe you are in the wrong menu to promote?

i have enough stone… but its not working, they have all things are needed
sorry for my bad english

Did you ever get this to work? I’m having the same issues, I tell my workers to build a home with stone, and they automatically just start building with wood, even though all building materials as stone has been selected.