Cannot finish my building

i create a own buinding but it has some complex elements like a “brisse soleil” but everything was good but, they couldn’t finish because they cannot reach the red zones, because they build it in disorder
Steps to reproduce:

  1. place the building
  2. wait the procces
  3. they will stop

Expected Results:
finish the building without problems i guest
Actual Results:
they couldn’t finish
i can let them build some parts puting ladders in the red zones but they cannot do this in 1 block zones, and i cannot put ladders in frot cause the scafolding, i dont wanna chage the model, but if it doesnt have solution, it wouldnt matter
Attachments: (108.1 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
1.1 release 949
-archipielago+Fishing job
System Information:
windows 10