Cancel Worker Command

Apologies if this has been posted before (I searched and didn’t easily find it). The biggest bug I seem to run into now is a worker getting caught in some loop that they can’t break out from. Most of the time they eventually starve and die. This is not really the same as them getting stuck in the environment, but seems to be some procedural loop where they are stuck in code limbo. It would be nice to add a command where you can click a worker and reset them back to a zero state. I know from watching the streams that giving actions to specific citizens is not the way the game runs, but there looks to be some code available for it. After all, you have to individually select citizens to promote them. Just a thought that would help get around some issues now and would probably help later on as the game gets more complex.



Check this mod out :smile:

This calls for a bug report if hasn’t been reported yet.

Citizens are getting stuck, especially crafters when placing down their crafts (from my experience). It’s similar to that time when the citizens got stuck into tables and chairs or other furniture, when deploying them (and they glitched until they were free, but in the current case they just stand still until they have a significant refresh that unstucks them or they simply starve to death…)

If I don’t find it we might as well change the category of this topic to Active bug. I think devs have already noticed it anyway, it can be seen in the recent videos.

Nifty, that mod looks to be exactly what I am talking about. I will check it out.

Unfortunately, I have never caught it as it happens. I just seem to find workers all of a sudden standing around and then eventually starving. Last night 4 of my 6 workers all got stuck in limbo at the same time. Let me see if I can spot whatever is triggering it and make a real bug post.

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