Can overhanging parts of buildings be built?

I tried to make a ridiculous building that had 4 towers intermittantly connected by skyways, but it doesn’t look like they are being built. Can hallways be built that have no supports under them, or are my workers just being lazy?

They’re probably being lazy, as gravity doesn’t really play a part in building. Try constructing ladders up to the skyways. That might jump start it.


Some buildings can take a while to be build(start building).
As thelegorebel said, add some ladders, maybe it helps.
But if everything goes wrong, just use the console :slight_smile:

Large overhanging sections can require semi-absurd amounts of wood for scaffolding, too (I’ve had a six story tower with a large top section take over 600 wood just in scaffolding before). Plus it depends on the location – if the overhang is over anything other than a perfectly flat surface the dudes may get confused trying to build the scaffolding and lock up.

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Well if they can build my pit bridges, I am sure they can build that. Like the others have mentioned it just takes a while and a heck of a lot of scaffolding. Especially in my case due to the pillars.

Granted my bridges does have pillars somewhat spaced out; however there are at some medium range sections between the pillars. The bridges just connected 2 sides of my mining pit.