Can Only Imagine The Story

So with my return, I’m noticing some of the new things. Rolling your starting crew is one thing I’m loving, but in that, I got a roll, that with their knowledge levels and looks, I could only imagine the story behind.

Looking at this, I get this really weird feeling that Asher there is a con artist, that convinced them to leave their homes, all with the intent of them building him the city he wants to rule.


Poor, poor Alaina :frowning:


I have a feeling we’re going to see lots of these sorts of pictures/stories in the future. This one is great! :smile:


Asher probably went from family to family, luring away all children except the eldest who get to take over the farm once daddy is gone.

I do notice some family resemblance here, cloaked under new names so there could be marriage in New Asherville without legal trouble.