Can I stop the Mid-Game Lag

Is there anyway to kill the mid game lag? I would love to do a youtube series on Stonehearth but with the lags current state it just doesn’t seem plausible.

I am running windows 10 x64
AMD 8150 3.6GHz 8 core OC to 4.1GHz
R9 270x 2GB
And installed on an SSD.

I have also killed all background processes but no matter what, the game is lagging. My current workaround is pausing the game every 2 minutes until the bar in the bottom right goes 99% green and then unpause seems to get rid of the lag for about 2 minutes.

My guess here is the game does not at all utilize multiple threads or cores on CPU’s and this is the cause of the lag mid game. Anyones help or suggestions are appreciated.

Is there always a lag or only during night times?
Try to reduce the
shadow detail
maximum number of lights
draw distance

how many Hearthlings do you have?
how many jobs are on the go at once ? ( crafting ques, attack orders, mining zones, building)
how many items are there on the ground

ive noticed that the more of those there are the more it bogs down.
even with a higer end gaming unit I lag badly the more things on the go there are

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Crates help alot to reduce the “item lag”.

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that is true. I have noticed that. I did a few games without it to see how far I could push it. im sure the team liked some of the games. :slightly_smiling: