Building while mining (bug?)

hi guys, just noticed this while streaming…

Seems that whenever i want to mine anything after creating a building blueprint it still thinks that my mining command is a build command, although it will mine the area in question, i don’t know if this is game breaking or not, it just appears cosmetic at the moment.

Steps to reproduce:

Issue the mine command after laying a custom building blueprint

Expected Result: Mining without any hindrance

Actual Result: clicking the mine command will also open up the building creation interface/UI

Game Breaking?: Not yet known

Mods: N/A

Specs: ASUS M11AD
i5 44000s (+/- 1 or 2 digits) quad core (intel)
8 GB Ram
Radeon R7 240 (1.2 VRAM)
Direct X (latest)
Windows 8.1 (standard)