Building sequence question

I notice hearthlings put doors last, after taking out all of the scafs. Is this true?

Generally the doors will be among the last things to be placed, often after the scaffolds are removed, although not necessarily in that order. This is because of a couple of factors:

  • the dependency system dictates that the wall must be complete before the door can be placed. It also dictates that the wall must be complete before the scaffolding can be torn down. So, both tasks become “available” at the same time. However, adding the door requires that a hearthling goes to get one from storage; whereas taking down the scaffolding requires no such trip to collect the resources.
  • The scaffolding may well be blocking part of the door’s hitbox – after all, the doors stick out of the wall slightly, often by half a block or thereabouts. So, the dependency system steps in again, telling the building/builders that the scaffolding has to be got out of the way before the door can be placed.
    *any hearthling can place a door (or other furniture item) into the world, since that falls under “hauling” rather than “building”… although I’m not sure if that applies when the door is placed as part of a blueprint, I suspect that it doesn’t. So, it may be that while all the hearthlings capable of performing building tasks (i.e. workers, carpenters, masons and potters) are finishing the final stages of the wall, another hearthling (e.g. a weaver) takes on the “place door” job. Then, because that job is taken, the builders look for a new job and find all the “tear down scaffolding” jobs; which they get straight onto because they’re already there.