Building re-development

Didn’t find anything like this while searching, so here goes a new topic/question:

Will it be possible to re-develop buildings? You know how in other medieval RTS games you can upgrade buildings and they get, for example, an extra room, or a new floor on top. I would like to be able to pull down one or two walls from an existing house or maybe remove the roof and add an extra floor on top. This way, you could start with a small building (e.g. carpenter) and then expand the building as the carpenter upgrades/levels up.

I remember this from the live stream. I’m pretty sure they intend to have redevelopment (i.e tearing down a wall and extending the building) rather than tearing down the building and rebuilding with new dimensions. Don’t ask for the source though, as I’m not going through 12 hours of video! :wink:

This quote was taken from the ask me anything reddit post.

"Q: Can you replant trees? Is mining/geomancer terrain changing permanent?

A: You can probably replant trees eventually. Seems like a good feature.

Terrain changes are permanent. If you dig a hole, you can always fill it in later, but the hole is a real hole and will stay there."

While this doesn’t say anything about construction I believe it implies that you can change just about anything in the environment even after you the user have changed it. Maybe I’m reading too much into that statement though. Short answer I think is yes, you can change things after they have been built. The way I imagine this would take place is heading back into the blueprint GUI and altering the building there and accepting the changes, Then the workers would know to fix or change the building. This is all speculation though.

@Froggy is correct pretty much. I can’t remember the exact point, but the question was something along the lines of upgrading buildings.

The response was that, well, you don’t really build specific buildings in the sense that you build structures and designate their purpose. Rather than select ‘house’ or ‘tavern’ and pop it down like in an RTS.

As for re-development, they discussed how in real life you would essentially rebuild a structure, or renovate it. So, for the purposes of the game, I would imagine you would be able to alter the alredy standing building, either through renovation or extensions - through the physical alteration of the structure. Rather than something like ‘pay 50 wood’ wait 10 minutes and voila.

agreed… you have an existing structure, and you need to expand… so extrude new wall, get your workers on the job and voila

I remember remodelling being talked about when they discussed building physics. Someone asked if it would be possible to build overhanging floors with building a bottom floor underneath. The devs talked about how they wanted to incorporate material strength into buildings and make portions of building dependent on construction pillars so that if a pillar got knocked down, the proper portion of the wall would crumble. This could make for easy remodelling. Just assign your civs to knock down the correct pillars, then build on your new portion of the house.