Building constructed without use of materials or time

I designed a building to built and exited Build & Design Mode. Afterward (not immediately) I noticed that the build appears to built, while it is not. I have not even chosen the option to build it yet. I can’t seem to access that option anymore either. It basically gave me a free building without construction time. Just to test it, I saved the file and loaded it and it was still like this. I made it a flat roof and I can even start building another building on top of it.

I am using the latest alpha build through steam.

[Here is a screenshot of the building.][1]

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sounds like a perk to me >.>

Definitely a weird one. At a guess, I’d say that the game lost track of the fact that the house was supposed to be a ghostly, building-mode-only one, but how that happened is more than I’d venture to guess.

When I first discovered the wall building ability I messed up with the “hold shift” part while trying to place a wall, turned around and it was already there, at first I thought that was how it was suppose to happen, then found out, nope heh.

hey there @trilioth … welcome aboard! :smile:

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