Bugs found so Far A15

The Lua Build Error.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a Blueprint
    2)Let it go
    3)See a spot that Hearth are not touching
    4)Try and fix it, By erasing or removing the untouched area and replace
    Expected Results:
    They finish the Whole Build, Or I am able to replace the piece.
    Actual Results:
    When retouching the area with new addition to build it will reghost, and making villager rebuild cuases the Lua Build Error
    I know other ways can cause this problem too.

What happens when i try to fix the problem. Erased, by reediting the build and replacing. cuase the build to go back to ghost.

What happen telling them to go ahead and rebuild the ghost, that popped

this is what i was talking about in Raven Loft build , things was ghosting under build or reghosting and having to rebuild. Anyways, finally caught this.

This bug seems to affect the spawning.

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But… but… Usually when they don’t build a part, or leave scaffolding behind (no matter where in the building), making some ladders near that area helps a lot as a workaround.

I don’t think that now you can edit buildings while they are being built :sweat:, in fact I think Tom mentioned this in the last stream. I don’t remember who was talking about this problem in the chat, maybe even it was you? :sweat_smile: I can’t remember at all.

Anyway, thanks for reporting. Do you have a template where this problem happens? It would be good to reproduce it easily :slightly_smiling:

did lol they woudnt touch it lol, really look at pic, and u see a ladder is connected to it

And yes i have a template

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