Bugged AI: Easter Egg

I think this will be a great tribute to the early days of the game, with enemies that:

  • Teleport
  • Wander off
  • Run into walls, trees, bushes, and maybe even knock over furniture
  • Freeze, and after sneakretly autosaving, crash the game!

You could also have villagers that have so called ‘diseases’, or deliberate AI glitches, which can be a gift, or a curse…

What do you guys think of this? Should it be in the base game, or should it be a mod? What other features do you have to add to this idea? Should it be more than just AI bugs, and also include negative resources, such as “You received -3 wood”?

I think this is a bad idea. If we add all these bad glitches, the game would be less satisfying.

Juat think. If you were almost done building your small little village, and then suddenly your game freezes and crashes. That would not be good. Also, the devs put a lot of time into removing these bugs so we could have a better time playing the game. Why would you want all those bugs and glitches back in the game?

after auto saving of course. :wink: [quote=“EpicDwarf, post:2, topic:5257”]
suddenly your game freezes and crashes

Personally I’m not a big fan of this, at least in the form of actual unit behaviour, I imagine it will become incredibly annoying rather quickly.

However if there were either diary entries, or item descriptions, or some sort of relevant text in the game as a nod to those early bugs then that would be all good!


i think that is a good idea.

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I’m sorry I wasn’t clearer on this, I wanted it to be really infrequent. Let’s say that one out of every 500 or 1,000 villagers would be ‘diseased’, and they could be cured through further research at a clinic or hospital.

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Easter eggs should entertain, not frustrate. In no way should they create the impression that the game is malfunctioning.

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“That block of wood… it’s just not in the right spot. You know what I mean?”


It could be a game mode titled: “Legacy: Unstable”

A good easter egg would be something like an NPC that looks like @Tom that you ecounter in a randomly generated town, or an outfit that goes on one of your settlers that looks like Mario.

A bad easter egg would be intensional glitches.

''Sometimes I feel like I could eat these berries with the back of my head… Then the feeling goes away…"

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Maybe it could be a mod, except the glitches would be even more funny and fustrating.

It would be called Your Worst Nightmare

ok, now this im on-board with… :smile:


I personally would love to see this. Maybe not as many options listed as above, but once in while you see a goblin or something just running into a wall forever, until you put the poor thing out of its misery…

Like I said, it would be really infrequent, let’s say if you have played the game for 50 hours, you may have seen only one of these rare events.

But then people would just think they were bugs, surely? :stuck_out_tongue:

You would get a notification, and it would show on the little ID card on the bottom left.

i dunno… “cute” things, that in no way impact the gameplay, would be perfectly fine (and add some flavor)… but anything that could be construed as a bugged unit would only lead to grief… :smile:

“Everyone used to be dreamers. They had a passion, and a goal in life. Now we’re all workaholics, slaving away at the mercy of our commanders. What happened to the dreamers?” - Carpenter (Not by choice)

They were found in a dwarven dungeon. Why dwarven? They were paid to keep the ‘prisoners’ in the worst dungeon in the world!

After reading that, I realized how dark of a story that became. It was supposed to be poetic and nice…

I can see this being in the final product… but not as a “glitch or bug” that is intentionally left in the game code. How about something more along this lines of a randomly generated town member who has a permanent status effect of bad luck or maybe cursed.

That way this idea wouldn’t be game breaking, but instead just an annoyance associated with a specific member of the town.