[BUG]? Wood Tunnel door undeploy, Wooden Double door doesn't

Working inside cave type village the “Wooden Tunnel Door” when placed can be undeployed while the “Wooden Double Door” can’t be

The “Wooden Tunnel Door” sits flush to one side of a 4x4x1 hole in the rock where as the “Wooden Double Door” centers within the hole makes the entry look better actually :slight_smile:

I don’t think it is a bug, looking at the json files for all the doors, the tunnel door has

"hide_placement_ui": false

while all the other doors have

hide_placement_ui": true

I believe it is an intentional design decision, as the tunnel doors were meant to be placed outside of buildings (mainly in mines) where the others are meant for buildings (where they can’t be undeployed). Will need one of the devs to confirm this, however.


thats the same info that i have xD

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Appreciate the explanation, just that for cave systems it looks better to be centered like the double door, had to use the cntrl-c / destroy to replace a plain double door with a fine double door (my hearthlings were upgrading) :slight_smile:

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