[Bug] Wall Loop Spans Across Gaps In Terrain

Bug: Building a wall across a ‘lowered’ area allows the wall loop to become longer than it’s limit between ‘supports’.

Summary: I was building wall loops around a lowered area on the map, I started off on the outside of the area then came to the spot where I needed to go down the steps. When placing the wall loop, the other end of the blueprint piece jumped across the lowered area to a spot on the other side that was at the same level. So I clicked to confirm, the wall then spanned across the entire space.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Select to build Wall Loop.
  2. Begin building Wall Loop and place the cursor just past the drop in height.
  3. The Wall Loops then spans the distance to the next available parallel height.
  4. Finish Wall Loops.

Expected Results: I expected the Wall Loop to stop at the edge of the height drop.

Actual Results: The Wall Loop spanned the entire distance and did not stop or include any support beams at the distance a Wall Loop is normally limited too.

Notes: I tried this on the subtle height changes and cliffs, either has the same behavior. The villagers only appear to be able to build on one block adjacent to the one they’re standing on. So they do not actually build the wall. On an added note… If you place furniture under the wall, and they’re able to reach it, they will go grab a block and build it!


Versions & Mods: Stonehearth r:34 - No Mods

System Info: Windows 7 Pro 64 | AMD Phenom 9950 Quad-Core | 8GB RAM | GeForce GTX 560

excellent report @Rathius! :+1:

i hope you dont mind, but i edited your post to embed your images directly in the report… as for the report itself, im not entirely sure this isnt “by design”…

would be curious to see what Radiant has to say… :smiley:

Thanks. I wasn’t sure about putting the pictures directly in, cuz of the size. I didn’t know if it was gonna shrink em down or not. (First time adding pictures here.)

I don’t think it’s by design, cuz whenever you start the Wall Loop, it seems to automatically search out a space directly next to where you start, and not allow you to go back on yourself. So I’m personally thinking it’s looking for the ‘closest valid’ placement that isn’t obstructed by another object.

Also, when doing the Wall Loops, you can’t drag out a long distance like that if you wanted to, you have to shift click in segments that have the Supports in them.

Although… if it is by design, I imagine it’s something intended for bridges. However, Wall Loops are not bridges, heh.

no worries! and yes, the Discourse will handle that for you automagically… :smiley:

i was thinking something similar (when speculating by design), but given the name of the tool (wall loop), a bridge doesnt seem to fit the bill, does it? :smile:

I love auto-magic. The best kind! XD

I am going to try to build a bridge when I get home though… even if it’s kinda worthless. I have an idea in mind… and furthers my testing of this issue, heh.