[BUG/S] Video Journal

Hi, i don’t know if anything like this has been done before, but i will post my bug videos here (this is also for anyone able to do so to do the same)

It might not be tomorrow until they are uploaded (i have about 12 videos… all are 1-15 mins long)

It showes the devs and Radiant stuff like the stockpile ghost bug… no character sheet bugs and the not able to promote shepherd bug (if that one still exists… i will record that video tomorrow ) :slight_smile:


Video 3 shows the stockpile ghost ui bug and the fact that every UI has the same bug… also showes a few quirks like the fact that the character sheet doesn’t open sometimes

Video 4 shows that there is not the normal thought text on the right of the screen, even though it still shows in the journal… But i do not know if that is intended or not, also shows the fact that the goblins camp is on 2 levels

Video 5 shows that the character sheets are still sometimes inactive (i think this is due to the fact that it might be interferring with certain notifications but i can not be entirely sure)

6 this shows that sometimes the hearthlings will leave wood blocks on the roof of buildings, but there is a work around (as shown in the video) also more procrastination about the character sheet not appearing

8 shows (if you can see it at the start) a ghost yellow outline on an item as if you are focussing even though i am not. Also shows the shepherd bug in detail… and also shows red bug text and more procrastination about the character sheets

Added information about what video is what

Could you write before each video, which bug can be seen on it, please?
Thanks :smile:

have removed the first 2 videos because that was eorror on my part (i didnt do a fresh intstall after changing versions)

Also have added explanations to the videos (which one shows what bug/s) @Relyss


Hey @Barney324. I think @Relyss is asking, that even though you are making vid’s of bugs, need to still explain or at least try and explain how to recreate the bug if you can.

Here’s an example: I’ll use the character sheet bug

How to reproduce:

1: Click on hearthling

2: Click on Icon on bottom left

Expected result: Brings up hearthling character sheet

Actual result: Kills the character sheet and sometimes the job page.

Workaround: Do not hit the lower left icon. Just bring up villagers tab, and click icon in there.

Anyways thanks for the vid’s really helpful.


@micheal_handy76_mh, I was referring to what he has done (a description of which bug can be observed in each video), but yes, repro steps are more than welcome :smile:

It’s been a while since someone used videos to report bugs, aside from the let’s plays from the Fan media category…

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Oh lol, my bad, miss understood :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:,

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@micheal_handy76_mh lol you are forgivien, although it is a good idea and i will try to follow your example next time (its @grahambarn here) it is difficult and long winded (imo) to do so as text, although i will try to do it in my later videos :smiley:
Sorry @Barney324, you can have your account back when i go home tomoz :stuck_out_tongue:

Just read your post again @micheal_handy76_mh … you mean you can open the character sheet another way O.o ?

Yes, just hit the Villagers tab, then click icon on left of the villager character sheet you want to see.

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oh i never knew that @micheal_handy76_mh cheers

also another bug i noticed (very handy) when starting a new game… if you click on the create village banner fast enough it will give you another banner, and you can create another fire/set of hearthlings and it will add them to your list (so you will have 16 at the start) ^^ please don’t get rid of that bug :smiley:

Has been noted here:

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i have found out a random step on how to reproduce this bug (this post is on topic because i have made a video explaining this) i am rendering the video as we speak (my last post as grahambarn, i drive home in an hour)

Basically… just mash tons of buttons when loading the map (i wanted to try and break the game :smiley: )

here is the video… with a 2 second gap between each section (grahambarn didnt have time to do seperate ones… and thank god i have my pc back!!!)

He says the reproduction steps are explained in the videos and also that if you want to see how to break the game, watch the last 3 mins

Gotta say wow, 3 fires. Then 5. Now to explain, when you click the banner button several times you tell the game you want to locate there. Then it has to think in a milliseconds to put you there creating the camp. When you click it several time with in it thinking time, it cause the bug of mutli camps. Also at the end when you mashed the button, you causing the game to completely try and process all those hotkeys. Causing you to break the game. Now just a tip on footman. Look at character sheet before you promote. make your footman have the most Hp out of your villagers.


nice, thats a very good idea… but because of all the bugs lately (of course the above video was done deliberatly by graham to see how far he could break the game) we both juts spam the professions on to random hearthlings, but very good idea