Bug Report 21/09/2017

  1. Hearthling will not weild weapon or put armour on occasionally with no obvious reason as to why. Not sure if it helps but I only limit myself to one party and I had 15 at this stage.

  2. Tavern never appears as a completed building despite having used all of the materials needed. Comes up with the natural box of ‘Materials Needed’ but the list is empty. Tried building 3 times now.

  3. Some buildings such as The Black Forest Inn and some Custom buildings appear incomplete when you request them to built for a first time. However, when you remove the building after your Hearthlings have made everything required for it and ask for it to be built again it will finish as if there was no problem. Unsure if it’s me doing something wrong?

All version: 0.22.5 (release 763) x64 build

#1 is typically footmen, knights don’t have this problem.

Might be related to the required level for the weapon. They need to have certain level in order to equip certain weapons, and not all weapons can be equipped by everyone.

Maybe there’s some scaffolding left that they can’t remove because there’s a piece of furniture on top of it and they can’t reach it?