Bug: Deleting carpenter job doesn't cancel the job

Whenever I have the carpenter build something, and delete the job before it is done, it doesn’t cancel the job.


  1. Open the carpenter workbench and create a mean bed.
  2. After a log has been placed on the workbench, but before the carpenter has started sawing, delete the build.

Expected results:
The job is canceled and the wood is returned to the stockpile

Actual results:
The job continues and the bed is made.

If done with a comfy bed (as they cannot be finished in game) the workbench will become unusable as the build needs to finish before moving onto the next.

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hey there @starkman9000… welcome aboard! :smile:

thanks for taking the time to register over here and file the report (i just read your feedback on the blog)… thanks as well for providing those reproduceable steps!

Okay, I just replied to your feedback on the blog. Thank you for noticing this bug, it’s really annoying when I have to get another world because I accidentally crafted a comfy bed.

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hahaha… my emphasis was to imply how impressed i was that you registered here so quickly, after my suggestion to log your report… thanks again! :wink:

That’s what I thought you meant, wasn’t being sarcastic. It also just took me 3 minutes to figure out how to block quote.


the discourse can take a bit of getting used to, but it is by far (now) my preferred forum… far and away exceeds everything else out there… in my very humble opinion, of course…

And nobody EVER get’s banned. Right @SteveAdamo? Please let me be right.