[BUG] Building Crusher just stays there...?

During the Titan fight, some tentacles will appear to destroy your buildings. After destroying them, they just stand there motionless (without even an idle animation)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Fight the Titan
  2. Actually - don’t fight the titan
  3. Wait for a Building Crusher to show up to destroy your building and let it.

Expected Results:
I wasn’t expecting anything in particular, but I assumed that after destroying a building it would just bury itself back into the earth OR become a regular tentacle.

Actual Results:
It just stops and remains completely motionless/animation less, looking odd and out of place in the middle of the much more dynamic and cool event.

Not really a bug - I think. More like a suggestion? It does feel wrong/broken that it just remains there frozen, so…


Just a screenshot for reference since you can’t really tell it is frozen anyway. But it is, looks very odd.

Version Number and Mods in use:
r862, just Dani’s Core Mod and an unreleased mod I’m working on.

Other than that… I just wanted to say:


Woah, Team Radiant.
This looks, feels and plays AMAZINGLY!
Good job! :heart:

This is fixed in the next release.