[Bug Alpha 7] Workshop through walls

Summary: It appears as though if a workshop is close enough to a wall the assigned Hearthling will work on the workshop…through the wall
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place a workshop near a wall
  2. Place a stockpile “outside” of the workshop
  3. Assign orders at the workshop

Expected Results: Hearthling goes around the wall to work on the workshope
Actual Results: Hearthling works through the wall
Notes: I have a shot of this in my Let’s Play video


hahaha… nice catch @christiazn0321!

I suppose if you had notched a little “work window” in the wall, this would be a little more plausible :smile: … oh well, should be easy enough to reproduce… :+1:

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Hahaha!! Yeah I could add that to my building to help make the Let’s Play more “realistic”! If you need screenshots let me know and I can supply some. Do some more gif-y stuff :wink: