Broken Ascendency Save Unsure How it Broke

Summary: My save broke and I am not sure why or how, but if you take a look I would appreciate it

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Overwrite save
  2. Wait until it is done saving
  3. click exit game

Expected Results: My save will be there when I come back

Actual Results: The save does not show up when I click load game and all my settings have reverted to default

Notes: this is my first post I don’t know if this is all the correct information

Attachments: How do I attach my save?

Version Number and Mods in use: I am on the latest version of Stonehearth and I have not downloaded any mods

In the folder where you installed Stonehearth, there is a text file namned “stonhearth.log”.
Some times this file will be able to tell you what went wrong.

If possible, please attach this (and possibly your save file). Perhaps first-time posters can not attach files though; I am unsure.
Otherwise, feel free to search mentioned file for the key-word “error” and copy-paste the information here.

It is a first step at least :slight_smile:

Ps. welcome to the forums!

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