Bridge Trillwood (random name not my choice :) )

So trying to make a swimming pool in my town. The villagers completely ignored it. Not a single person went to work. Did build it in sections so maby that is the issue. But i wanted it in my village so MAYOR IS CHEATING ALERT.


not wanting to be out done by villages on the forum


next massive build would most likely be


I made this for your Prison if you want to use it or generate a better one.

jail_cell.qb (22.6 KB)

and an iconic version

jail_cell_iconic.qb (1.8 KB)

I just wish I knew how to make the door work.


I’m just so bad add modding other wise i would have made a scale model with the coding of gate fence so the door opens when a villager passes by :slight_smile:


or something like the sheppard and then have him place animals in jails :slight_smile:

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wow! it’s more like a villa or resort rather than a town… Nice Work!

So the prison will have to wait because my villagers kept screaming we want food :slight_smile:

Also your sheep keep screaming that.

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soon the rabbits and chickens too hahaha

Due too heavy performance issues this will be the last pic foor version 1 of this town. I will start a new with this map